Little Men (Series) (1998-1999)

Little Men
Little Men , Louisa May Alcott's 1871 follow-up to her classic novel, finds Jo and her husband, Professor Fritz Bhaer, running a Massachusetts boarding school for boys, where they dispense valuable life lessons to an assortment of lovable tykes.

As the series opens, Jo is recently widowed and struggling to keep the Plumfield school alive. Realizing that the boys need a male role model, she hires a slightly disreputable merchant marine, Nick Riley (played by Vancouver-raised actor Spencer Rochfort), as the school caretaker.

ogether, the duo help the youngsters navigate their way through childhood crises large and small, while dealing with their growing attraction to one another.

Little Men also features an assortment of talented young Canadian performers, including Corey Sevier as the cocky street urchin Dan, Trevor Blumas as the sensitive musical prodigy Nat, Brittney Irvin as the tomboyish Nan and Rachel Skarsten as Jo's coddled niece Bess.

Amy Price-Francis ( Snakes and Ladders , Train 48 ) and Jennifer Wigmore play Jo's sisters Amy and Meg, and Robin Dunne ( Hemingway vs. Callahan ) is her studious nephew Franz, who takes on teaching duties at the school.

Little Men was filmed on location at the picturesque Claremont Conservation Area in Pickering, Ont. The executive producers are Carl Binder ( Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ) and Meyer Shwarzstein.

Michelle Burke .... Josephine (Jo) Bhaer
Spencer Rochfort .... Nicolas (Nick) Riley
Corey Sevier .... Dan 'Looking Forward' Maddison
Brittney Irvin .... Anthea (Nan) Harding
Rachel Skarsten .... Elizabeth (Bess) Lawrence
Jennifer Wigmore .... Margret (Meg) Brooke
Amy Price-Francis .... Amy Lawrence
Trevor Blumas .... Nathanel (Nat) Blake
Dan Chameroy .... Theodore (Laurie) Lawrence
Michael Oliphant .... Isaac
Robin Dunne .... Franz Bhaer
Alexander Campbell .... Emil
Matt Robinson .... Thomas (Tommy) Bangs
Dov Tiefenbach .... Jack Ford
Ian D. Clark .... Dr. Pierce
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