Little Kidnappers, The (TV Movie) (1990)

Little Kidnappers, The
Loosely based on a '50's movie of the same name, it tells the story of two young orphan boys who travel by themselves from the Old country to join their father's family in Canada. There they encounter their stern disciplinarian grandfather who has alienated himself from some of his neighbours. There is particularly no love lost between the grandfather and his Dutch neighbours, who he generalizes as being responsible for his son's death in the Boor War. A side product of this animosity is that it is keeping apart the boy's aunt and her Dutch doctor suitor. The two boys change everything though when they find a young baby on the beach...

Charlton Heston....James MacKenzie
Bruce Greenwood....Willem Hooft
Patricia Gage....Mrs. MacKenzie
Dan MacDonald....Tom Cameron
Leah Pinsent....Kirsten MacKenzie
Charles Miller....Davy MacKenzie
Leo Wheatley....Harry MacKenzie
Richard Donat....Hans Hooft
Amos Crawley....Jan Hooft
Eileen Pedde....Mrs. Hooft
Deborah Allen....Mrs. Cameron
Erin Kuttner....Jean Cameron
Nicola Lipman....Mrs. MacNeill
Gay Hauser....Mrs. Thompson
Sten Eirik....Mr. Sinclair
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