Little Flying Bears, The (Series) (1991-1992)

Aka: Les oursons volants (French title)

Little Flying Bears, The
In a forest, deep in a European mountain range live the most rare of species; flying bears. Something of a cross between butterflies and bear cubs, the flying bears, along with many of their friends, take it upon themselves to protect their forest from pollution. However, their efforts are often hampered by two weasels; Skulk and Sammy, who are are out to modernize the forest and use the local 'manimal' dump to do so. Sometimes helped by a rhyming serpent Slink, the three constantly attempt to find ways to counter act the flying bears attempts at keeping the forest peaceful and serene. However, the most out spoken bears; Walt, Tina, twins Jasmine and Lotus & brothers Josh and Jason go out of their way to foil the weasels plan. The bears follow the wisdom of the eldest bear in the pack, Plato (who is too old to have wings anymore) and Owl companion Ozzy, in their quest.

Sonja Ball .... Various Characters
Teddy Lee Dillon .... Josh
A.J. Henderson .... Sammie
Rick Jones .... Ozzy; Slink
Pauline Little .... Jasmine; Lotus
Walter Massey .... Plato
Terrence Scammell .... Skulk
Kathleen Fee .... Grizelda & various
Michael O'Reilly .... Ozzy
Jessalyn Gilsig .... Tina
Arthur Holden .... Walt
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