Lightning Force (Series) (1991-1992)

Lightning Force
Lightning Force was an elite paramilitary team assembled by the members of the International Oversight Committee for Anti-Terrorism. Each of the four members of the team had specific skills--Zeke, from Egyptian military intelligence, was an experienced negotiator and field cook; Joan, from French security services, was a pilot, computer expert and cryptologist; Church, from the Canadian army, was a demolition expert, engineer, and medic; and Trane, from U.S. Army Special Forces, was the team leader with expertise in operations and mission planning.

Wings Hauser .... Lt. Col. Matthew Alan "Trane" Coltrane
Marc Gomes .... Col. Zaid "Zeke" Abdul-Rahmad
Guylaine St-Onge .... Marie Joan Jacquard
David Stratton .... Lt. Winston Churchill "Church" Staples
Matthew Walker .... Maj. Gen. Bill McHugh
Meat Loaf .... Richard Talbot (2 episodes)
George Takei .... General Seng (2 episodes)
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