Lifeline to Victory (TV Movie) (1993)

Lifeline to Victory
Paul Devereaux is a second officer with lots of experience with merchant ships. But this is World War II and the Royal Canadian Navy desperately needs experienced officers. Paul is thus given command of his own ship. However, in early 1940's, Canadian Navy does not have the biggest budget nor the most qualified enlisted men. Paul's ship must escort merchant ship to Europe and back and take part in the longest naval battle in history.

Michael Riley....Paul Devereaux
Simon Reynolds....Mac McNaughton
Michael Hogan....Chief Engineer
Henry Czerny....Petty Officer Lang (Coxswain)
Robyn Stevan....Ivy
David Hemblen....Oldbest
Gary Vermeir....Collins (Executive Officer)
Martin Julien....Canelli
Elizabeth Marmur....Ann Conwell
Adrian Hough....Harry Conwell
Chris Turner....Sub Lt. Pooley
Sam Mancuso....Dimitri
Jeremy Akerman....Prescott
Shannon Lynch....Morrison
Bernard Robichaud....Tiffey
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byClick here to see the profile of this user xlegion, September 28, 2008
There are so few movies on the role of the Canadian Navy in World War II it is an absolute tragedy. Fortunately this well made film at least tries to address the balance.
It tells the story of a young captain in command of a flower class corvette operating out of Halifax Nova Scotia.
Character oriented rather than action but a delight just the same. Why isn't this out on dvd?
This subject has not been handled since American director Howard Hawks movie 'Corvette K-225" made in 1943!

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