Lifeforce Experiment, The (TV Movie) (1994)

Aka: Dead Men Talk; Le silence de la liberté (French title)

Lifeforce Experiment, The
After a failed mission CIA agent Jessica Saunders gets a new order to watch Dr. MacLean by working for him as a programmer. When she arrives at his laboratory she is amazed about his experiments: Dr. MacLean has developed a computer who is able to view the dreams of sleeping people. But that is only the beginning of his plans.

Donald Sutherland....Dr. 'MAC' MacLean
Mimi Kuzyk....Jessica Saunders
Vlasta Vrana....Dr. Robbie Allman
Corin Nemec....Ken Ryan
Hayley Reynolds....Niki Janus
Miguel Fernandes....George Cornwall
Michael Rudder....Woddy Gifford
Michael J. Reynolds....Jack Aspect
Bronwen Mantel....Gaylene Janus
Peter Colvey....Victor Janus
Richard Zeman....Shepherd
Ann Page....Receptionist
Henderson Walcott....U.S. Marine
Philip Pretten....Attache
Michael Caloz....Ken (9 years old)
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