Life in a Day (TV Movie) (1999)

Aka: Antidote (French title)

Life in a Day
A scientific experiment in rapid-cell growth goes awry when a lab assistant steals the developed serum and injects it into his pregnant girl friend. The result is a child that grows through adulthood and will die within days, if a cure cannot be found.

Michael A. Goorjian....Dr. Peter Hamilton
Chandra West....Jasmine
Linda Kash....Charlotte 'Charlie' Tanzi
Wayne Best....Detective Ed Carlisle
Timothy Webber....Chief Max Reed
Zachary Bennett....Mark Stratton
Gerard Plunkett....Dr. Leo Sardis
Roberta Maxwell....Carla Jennings
Kayla Yanke....Jasmine, 3 Years Old
Taryn Knowles....Jasmine, 4 Years Old
Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson....Jasmine, 8 Years Old
Kate Yacula....Jasmine, 12 Years Old
Doreen Insen....Jasmine, 80 Years Old
Seun Olagunju....Joel
Victor Cowie....Hadley
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