Liberty Street (Series) (1995-1996)

Liberty Street
This is an apartment complex heavy on lava lamps, fuzzy dice, Arborite tables, chenille bedspreads . . . .

We're on Liberty Street, set of the CBC series brought to you by Linda Schuyler, producer of the venerable Degrassi series.

Degrassi was geared to the angst of late adolescence and teen years and earned Schuyler and her partner, Kit Hood, a pair of Emmy Awards, a smattering of Geminis, and a Canadian Film and Television Award for Personal Achievement.

There is inevitable spillover in Liberty. One of the actors on Liberty Street, Pat Mastroianni, was also a regular on Degrassi.

Liberty Street is focused on 13 twentysomething (that Gen X thing shall not rear its head) tenants in a converted ramshackle warehouse in Toronto called The Pit, presided over by the Mastroianni character, Frank Pagnozzi.

Among the other tenants: Mack Fischer (Joel Bissonnette), a recovering cocaine addict; Janet Beecher (Kimberly Huie), a single mom from Halifax who is a law student; Christine Beecher (Melissa Daniel), her young daughter; neo-hippie idealist Annie Hamer (Henriette Ivanans); Nathan Jones (Billy Merasty), a native Cree coming out as a liberated homosexual in a big city; and Wade Malone (L. Deal Ifill), a well-educated, middle-class radical.

The series is a spin-off of the two-hour pilot X-Rated

Joel Bissonnette .... Mack (1994-1995)
Kimberly Huie .... Jan
Melissa Daniel .... Chris
Henriette Ivanans .... Annie
Jim Codrington .... James (1995-1996)
Jhene Erwin .... Teena
Katherine Ashby .... Lucille
Richard Zeppieri .... Ernie
L. Dean Ifill .... Wade
Dean Paras .... Stuart Ball
Marcia Laskowski .... Marcia
Billy Merasty .... Nathan
Pat Mastroianni .... Frank
Reiner Schwarz .... Drive Home Dave (1994-1995)
Nahanni Johnstone .... Cynthia (1995-1996)
Hamish McEwan .... Ben (1995-1996)
Keith Knight .... Lionel (1995-1996)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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