Liar's Edge (TV Movie) (1992)

Liar's Edge
A child is traumatized when his father, a stuntman, dies in an attempt to go over Niagara Falls. Later, his mother meets and marries a truck driver, and things seem to be going OK. Then the new husband's creepy brother shows up, and the boy begins to get a sense that neither of the brothers is quite what they claim to be.

Nicholas Shields....Mark Burnz
Shannon Tweed....Heather Burnz
David Keith....Gary Kirkpatrick
Joseph Bottoms....Dave Kirkpatrick
Christopher Plummer....Harry Weldon
Joanne Parica....Marilyn Bouton (Mystery Woman)
Kathleen Robertson....Bobby Swaggart
Stephen Hunter....Dr. Morris
Tom Melissis....D.J.
Joy Tanner....Ruth
Brock Simpson....Cop
David Stratton....Nick
Elena Kudaba....Blue Haired Lady
Glenn Ottaway....Minister
Melody Johnson....Punk Girl
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