LEXX (Series) (1998-2002)

Aka: LEXX: The Series

LEXX is a science fiction TV series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the Lexx, "the most powerful destructive force in the two universes" from which the show takes its name. The Lexx is a living spacecraft, shaped like an insect. It is capable of destroying planets with ease, and eats the debris as fuel.

Some consider the first season of this series to be the mini-series called LEXX: The Dark Zone Stories which first aired on CityTV in 1996.

Brian Downey .... Stanley H. Tweedle
Eva Habermann .... Zev Bellringer
Michael McManus .... Kai
Xenia Seeberg .... Xev Bellringer
Jeffrey Hirschfield .... 790 (voice)
Tom Gallant .... The Lexx (voice)
Louise Wischermann .... Lyekka
Dieter Laser .... Mantrid
Ellen Dubin .... Giggerota
Nigel Bennett .... Prince
Rolf Kanies .... Reginald J. Priest
Patricia Zentilli .... Bunny
John Dunsworth .... Divine Predeccessor / Guard
Walter Borden .... Dr. Ernst Longbore / His Divine Shadow
Lex Gigeroff .... Dr. Rainbow / Barnabas K. Huffington
Jeff Pustil .... Fifi / Schlemmi
Anna Cameron .... The Time Prophet / Older Vlad
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