Let's Sing (Series) (1957)

Winnipeg's, Let's Sing was set in a different area of the world each week, and presented music of that region. The programs featured an orchestra conducted by Eric Wild and the 13-member James Duncan Chorus, singing songs from six countries in the first series— Ireland, Italy, England, Mexico, Scotland and the United States. The second series of 10 episodes was broadcast nationally and included Holland, Spain, France, Scandinavia, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Latin-America, Germany and Austria, and Canada. Each week, two members of the chorus were soloists, including James Duncan, Norma Vadeboncoeur, Gordon Parker, Peggy Anne Truscott, Bob Jeffrey and Kay Brown. Jack Phillips produced the show.

Eric Wild .... Conductor
James Duncan (James Duncan Chorus)
Norma Vadeboncoeur (James Duncan Chorus)
Kathleen "Kay" Brown (James Duncan Chorus)
Bob Jeffrey (James Duncan Chorus)
Peggy Ann Truscott (James Duncan Chorus)
Paul Fredette (James Duncan Chorus)
Gordon Parker (James Duncan Chorus)
Phyllis Thomson (James Duncan Chorus)
Herbert Lother (James Duncan Chorus)
Robert Farrar (James Duncan Chorus)
Paul Fredetto (James Duncan Chorus)
Henri Enns (James Duncan Chorus)
Ann MacLeod (James Duncan Chorus)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT; CBC

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