Let's Go! (Series) (1974-1987)

Let's Go!
This half-hour children’s series started as an effort by the Manitoba Theatre Workshop to reach a broader audience through television, and featured MTW students doing improvisations. Production was eventually taken over by CKY Winnipeg, and the format expanded to include songs, stories and scripted sketches. Let's Go! was seen on the CTV network for 11 years starting in 1976.

With a minimum of props and musical instruments, the children who participated in the show were left free to create ideas and implement them. With the help of Janis Dunning, the children proposed new hobbies or turned a simple song into a musical drama. Ms. Dunning used her skills in music and choreography to help the children express their ideas more fully and more meaningfully.

Scott Bairstow .... Regular (1980-1984)
Janis Dunning .... Host
Kelly Hughes .... Regular (1982-1984)
Jay Brazeau
Chad Allen

Original Broadcaster(s): CKY; CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user vardiss, July 4, 2013
WOW....soooo long ago since I last saw this program..the only thing I can remember about it now is the theme song and music
byClick here to see the profile of this user greazychikkin, November 1, 2009
I didn't tell anyone why I spent part of Saturday watching a show I was too old for , but thanks to the anonymity of the net I will now Janis was sweet !

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