Let's Face It (Series) (1963)

Let's Face It concerned issues of contemporary Quebec and was broadcast locally on Montreal station CBMT, when production started on a show of the same title, with wider ranging subjects, for the national CBC network. The national version of Let's Face It ran every other Sunday night. It was straight reporting, sometimes using straight skits and at times pioneered in the Canadian use of satire. Although the program was in English, both English and French commentators were used.

Reporters in the field were journalists in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City and Halifax.

Edgar Sarton - editor
Ken Johnstone - writer
Sonja Sinclair - writer
Gerald Taaffe - writer
Byron Riggan - producer

Daisy de Bellefeuille
Peter Desbarats
Jacques Fauteux
Renee Girard
Guy Mauffette
Henry Ramer
Liane Marshall
Pauline Julien

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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