Leo and Me (Series) (1978)

Leo and Me
Leo (Brent Carver) was a carefree, hard-living Italian adventurer who had won a large, decrepit yacht in a poker game, and had taken his orphaned nephew Jamie (Michael J. Fox) to live with him. Leo and Jamie lived on the yacht moored in the harbour (near the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver). Leo's charm and good luck guided him through tricky but humorous situations and his young sidekick's adept mind helped the pair get out of trouble. The cast also included Shirley Milliner as Leo's sister, Mina E. Mina as her husband, and Guy Bannerman, Colin Vint, and Simon Webb.

CBC in Vancouver was looking for a bright 10-year-old for the series, and Michael J. Fox, who was 15 at the time, got the job. The series began production in 1976 and despite reports that the series was not broadcast until 1981, the program actually did air locally in B.C. and episodes appeared sporatically on other CBC stations as early as 1978. Leo and Me was a successor to a pilot called The Italian Express, which starred Chuck Shamata as Leo, and as Jamie, Dale Walters.

Creator: Merv Campone
Producer: Don Eccleston
Directors: Don S. Williams, Don Eccleston, Michael Berry
Writers: Marc and Susan Strange

Brent Carver .... Leo Romano
Michael J. Fox .... Jamie Romano
Shirley Millner .... Leo's sister
Mina E. Mina .... Leo's brother-in-law
Guy Bannerman
Colin Vint
Simon Webb

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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