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Learning the Ropes
Sep 16, 1988 - Unmasking the Masked Maniac - (Debut) Robert's romantic relationship with a co-worker is threatened because he's too afraid to tell her about his alter ego. Robert's son finds a hood worn by wrestling star "The Masked Maniac" in the hall closet and the children discover that he's moonlighting as a professional wrestler.

Sep 23, 1988 - Like Father, Like Son - When Mark loses the girl of his dreams to a football hero, Robert consoles his son by explaining what it was like when their mother left.

Sep 30, 1988 - Express Lane to Fame - Mark's decision to quit school and pursue a career in music leaves his relationship with his father down for the two-count.

Oct 07, 1988 - Requiem For a Maniac - Robert decides to leave the ring for good when he seriously injures an opponent

Oct 14, 1988 - The Homecoming - Robert gets the mumps just as his wife, Anne, is due for a visit.

Oct 21, 1988 - Three Little Words - Mark looks to the wrestling ring for career day speakers, while Ellen befriends a new boy at school, who mistakenly interprets her overtures as something more than simple friendship.

Nov 04, 1988 - Teacher's Pet Peeve - Mark promises his classmates that biology will be a snap when Robert fills in as a substitute teacher, but Mark gets suspended.

Nov 11, 1988 - Rob & Carol & Hawk & Animal - Carol tries to make Robert jealous by dating a couple of "smashing" young men—the Road Warriors.

Nov 18, 1988 - Is There a Redneck in the House? - The Randalls get an unwanted houseguest after Robert gives marital advice to a friend. Ellen runs for a student council seat.

Nov 25, 1988 - With a Little Help From My Friends - Robert encounters two problems: an edgy wrestling team and his defiant daughter Ellen who elects to hang out with the "cool crowd" and comes home drunk after a party.

Dec 02, 1988 - Money Talks - Robert wrestles with his conscience while deciding whether or not to give up his teaching position.

Dec 16, 1988 - Robert Takes a Fall - Robert mistakes romance for friendship when he hits it off with the daughter of wrestler Paul Jones.

Jan 06, 1989 - Jerry's Mom - Mark and Ellen must work together when Jerry's mother moves in.

Jan 13, 1989 - Mallory's Problem - Carol discovers that Whitcomb is despondent over the loss of his only friend—his pet cat—and convinces Robert to help him deal with the situation. But the plan backfires when Whitcomb adopts Robert as his new best friend.

Jan 20, 1989 - Mixed Emotions - Mark contemplates a monastic life after he mistakenly thinks Carol is romantically interested in him and embarrasses himself trying to win her heart.

Jan 27, 1989 - Robert and Rosie - Unable to find a date, Whitcomb is reluctant to attend a banquet to receive the Principal of the Year Award; a rugged female wrestler becomes infatuated with Robert after he schools her in the art of femininity.

Feb 03, 1989 - The Lifesaver - Ellen enjoys the accolades of her friends after she revives Mark who, having been refused an advance on his allowance by Robert, gives himself a severe electric shock while trying to fix his amplifier.

Feb 17, 1989 - Roomies - The volatile relationship between Bertie and Robert explodes after Bertie develops tonsillitis and Robert separates his shoulder during a wrestling match—and the two are forced to share a hospital room.

Feb 24, 1989 - To Catch a Thief - Ellen has her new watch stolen during her birthday party and Mark is forced to tell Robert that the culprit is Ellen's seemingly perfect boyfriend Michael.

Mar 03, 1989 - The Buck Stops Here - Robert attempts to prevent a wealthy wrestler from demolishing the school.

Mar 10, 1989 - Burger Palace Blues - Mark gets an unexpected lesson in sexual harassment after he lands a job as a waiter at the Burger Palace.

Mar 17, 1989 - The Beth Patrol - Ellen suggests that Mallory appoint Beth as his student assistant.

Mar 24, 1989 - Who Am I This Time? - Robert has a bout with amnesia after a wrestling injury and shows up at school dressed as the Masked Maniac.

Mar 31, 1989 - Robert Faces Commitment - Carol's plans for a romantic weekend with Robert go awry when he's scheduled to wrestle.

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