Learning the Ropes (Series) (1988-1989)

Learning the Ropes
In the CTV sitcom Learning the Ropes, Lyle Alzado (former defensive linebacker for the L.A. Raiders) played a teacher and single father of two who maintained a secret identity as a pro wrestling bad guy who went by the name of The Masked Maniac. Alzado, as Robert Randall, had a hammerlock on the heart of Carol Dixon, a refined art teacher who knew nothing of his secret life. The kind, sensitive Randall kept his alter quiet in order to abide by the wishes of a tyrannical principal, who frowned on moonlighting by his staff. Although teaching was his first love, wresting helped him afford a better life for his two children played by Yannick Bisson and Nicole Stoffman.

Each episode featured approximately four minutes of live wrestling action with actual NWA stars like Ric Flair and Tully Blanchard.

Lyle Alzado .... Robert Randall
Yannick Bisson .... Mark Randall
Nicole Stoffman .... Ellen Randall
Cheryl Wilson .... Carol Dixon
Grant Cowan .... Bertie Baxter
Richard Farrell .... Whitcomb Mallory
Barry Stevens .... Dr. Jerry Larson
Steve Williams .... The Masked Maniac
Jacqueline Mahon .... Beth

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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