Leaps and Bounds (Series) (1995-?)

The program was aimed at the tween market, and profiled up-and-coming athletes in more than 40 sports. Some aimed at – and a few achieved – international championship awards in their chosen fields, while others were in it just for the fun of it. Each episode featured computer animation and funky graphics. The show had interviews with athletes, and people on the street, as well as sports trivia and news items.

Leaps and Bounds was picked up by Baton Broadcasting in 1995. After Baton acquired control of CTV in 1998, Leaps and Bounds played in Saturday morning's children’s block on CTV.

Andrew Jarvis .... Host
Micaela Mankowski .... Host
Alissa Hamrouni .... Interviewer
Daniel Kanter .... Interviewer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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