Last Train Home (TV Movie) (1990)

Aka: Tom Alone

Set in the 1880's, this fictional film blends real-life characters as a teen jumps freight trains in his trek to find his father who has been accused of murder. Heading to Winnipeg where his father and a friend, the real killer, have gone, he is befriended by a mountie who starts watching out after him after he is arrested for stealing a purse.

Ron White....Gordon Bradshaw
Noam Zylberman....Tom Bradshaw
Donna Goodhand....Clara Bradshaw
Katharine Isabelle....Sarah Bradshaw
Paul Coeur....McDougall
Donovan Workun....Buggy Snipe
Arne MacPherson....Graham
Timothy Webber....Willie Davis
Paul McGaffey....Boss Mordell
Jean-Pierre Fournier....Noah
Bill Meilen....Sergeant Collins
Walter Kaasa....Grandpa Craig
Glenn Beck....Guard
Kevin S. Smith....Navvy
Joel Dacks....Mouse
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