Last Polka, The (Special) (1985)

This was a made-for-tv comedy special starring John Candy and Eugene Levy's SCTV characters Yosh and Stan Shmenge.

The film traces their rise to prominence from their childhood in native Leutonia to their final comeback concert. Along the way, we're treated to hilarious archival footage and interviews with those who worked with them and loved them, played by other SCTV luminaries like Rick Moranis, Robin Duke, and Catherine O'Hara.

John Candy....Yosh Shmenge/Pa Shmenge
Eugene Levy....Stan Shmenge/Ma Shmenge
Dave Thomas....Narrator
John McAndrew....Val Babbyit
Rick Moranis....Linsk Menjuvic
Robin Duke....Lemon Twin
Catherine O'Hara....Lemon Twin
Mary Margaret O'Hara....Lemon Twin
David Letterman....Himself
Paul Shaffer....Himself
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