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Last of the Mohicans
Nov 8, 1957 - "Scapegoat." The Tuscarora Indians threaten to go on the warpath when a long, hard winter leaves them without food, or furs to trade. The chiefs son attempts to steal weapons from the white settlement and becomes involved in the death of the owner of the trading post. Running Deer: Jonathan White. Great Bear: Bruce Webb. Lana: Len Ontkean. Laura Winslow: Vita Linder. Jason Fargo: Hugh Watson. Chief Thunder Sky: Earl Grey. Harris: James Doohan. Judge: Rex Devlin.

Nov 15, 1957 - "The Search." After rescuing an elderly white woman from two Indian warriors, Hawkeye and Chingachgook learn that she has been a slave since her husband was killed, 18 years previous. Sun Bear: Ed McNamara. Red Stick: Cecil Linder. Mr. Boncour: Daryl Masters. Copperman: Fran Perry. Mrs. Lee: Alice Stacy. Martha Wales: Marge Purvey. White Eagle: Larry Solway.

Nov 22, 1957 - "The Servant." Hawkeye investigates a farmer who's allegedly selling servants into bondage. Bridget: Iris Krangle. Stark: Len Ontkean.

Nov 29, 1957 - "Promised Valley." Hawkeye comes to the aid of Chief Tawenduma of the Tuscarora tribe whose position is threatened by Kinaani, a warlike and unscrupulous brave. Captain: William Walsh. Kinaani: Cecil Linder. Tawenduma: Richmond Nairne. Larry O'Connor.

Dec 6, 1957 - "Hawkeye's Homecoming." Ogana, Colonel Thorne's scout, is doubly traitorous, betraying the British to the French and the Hurons. Ogana: Michael Ansara. Marian: Lili Fontaine. Thorne: Leslie Denison. West: Casey Adams.

Dec 13, 1957 - "The Prisoner." A young army officer is accused of deriliction of duty when he is baited into an ambush set by the Oneida Indians. Briggs: Brian Smyth. Kootenay: Pat Morgan. Dillon: William Walsh.

Dec 27, 1957 - "The Truant." The story of an orphaned boy, the heir to a silver fortune. Greg: David Hastings. Bailey: Chris Wiggins. Emma: Jacqueline Barnett. Long Knife: Tom Busby.

Jan 3, 1958 - "The Soldier." Hawkeye tries to clear a young officer accused of stealing rifles and selling them to Indians. De Grasse: Michael Julian. Tewan: Jan Root. Moncrief: Charles Jarrett.

Jan 10, 1958 - "The Witch." Hawkeye and Chingachgook try to stop a witch hunt when strange incidents terrorize a frontier town. Hale: Arch McDonell.

Jan 17, 1958 - "Franklin Story." Hawkeye and Ben Franklin help the citizens of Philadelphia when Ryder Kane aspires to a dictatorship. Franklin: Stan Francis. Kane: William Walsh.

Jan 24, 1958 - "The Girl." An ambitious, unscrupulous girl tries to provoke war between the Iroquois and white men. Pontiac: William Walsh. Sanford: Peter Humphreys.

Jan 31, 1958 - "Indian Doll." A medicine man drugs a chief's daughter and the Indians believe that a doll given to her is possessed by evil spirits. Killbuck: Ed Wilson. Snowbird: Rochelle Goldstein.

Feb 7, 1958 - "Long Rifles." Gunsmith Eben Cotton is suspected of supplying guns to marauding tribesmen. He unwittingly saves the lives of Hawkeye and Chingachgook when his gun explodes in the faces of the Indians who have sentenced the pair to death. Cotton: Brendan Dillon. Beth: Jan Campbell. Neil: Larry Solway. Ponca: Jan Root.

Feb 14, 1958 - "Winter Passage." A group of women, anxious to join their husbands, attempt to find a legendary passage through snowbound country. Doris: Katharine Hawtrey. Hanlon: James Barron. Peggy: Angela Fusco.

Feb 28, 1958 - "Tolliver Gang." Hawkeye and Chingachgook rescue two women captives from a band of land-locked pirates. Tolliver: John Vernon. Sligo: Bruce Webb.

Mar 7, 1958 - "The Printer." Hawkeye and Chingachgook deliver type to the printer in a frontier town and find themselves involved in a fight for freedom of the press. Peale: Don Sinclair.

Mar 14, 1958 - "Royal Grant." Millard Cressing attempts to take control of the territory, claiming that it's his by royal decree. A young couple who own a trading post is terrorized by him. Cressing: John Harding. Jim: Brian Smyth.

Mar 21, 1958 - "Delaware Hoax." Hawkeye and Chingachgook step in to settle a fight between the Indians and the Army. Tilton: Earl Grey. Stanwell: William Walker. Black Fox: Alex Denaszody. Johnson: Powys Thomas. Blaisdell: Glynn Morris.

Mar 28, 1958 - "Powder Keg." A ruthless trader organizes the Hurons to attack a settlement and rid him of a rival. McKenzie: William Walker. Durbin: Daryl Masters.

Apr 18, 1958 - "The Brute." Outlaws seize supplies bound for a remote settlement and use a mentally handicapped man as their patsy. Will: Bill Walker. Seth: Ed Holmes. Tim: John Ringham.

Apr 25, 1958 - "Circle of Hate." A young army lieutenant whose family has been wiped out by Indians has developed a fanatical hatred of the Red Man. He attempts to kill or injure any Indian who crosses his path. When Hawkeye and Chingachgook enter the territory they hear of the Indians anger and their desire for revenge that can only lead to full scale war. Smith: Michael Julian. Courtney: William Walsh. Chief Thunder Cloud: Len Ontkean.

May 2, 1958 - "The Colonel and the Lady." Attempting to prove that Chief Black Wolf and his Indians are innocent of attacking settlers in violation of a peace treaty, Hawkeye and Chingachgook realise that a military scout is responsible for the disturbances. Wilson: Brian Smyth. Braxton: George Barnes. Martha: Ria Sohier.

May 9, 1958 - "Coward." Tom Morgan flees from a Huron attack on Morgansboro, thinking his father, Will, is dead. But Will is rescued by Hawkeye and Chingachgook - and labels Tom a coward. Tom Morgan: Jonathan White. Sarah Morgan: Kathleen Kidd. Sommons: Larry Mann. Will: Norman Ettlinger.

May 23, 1958 - "The Ethan Allan Story." Hawkeye and Chingachgook develop a plan to stop a crooked sheriff, from persecuting Ethan Allen, leader of the Green Mountain Boys. Ficket: Les Rubie. Big Jake: John Ringham. Sheriff Peterson: Chris Wiggins. Bulmer: Stan Francis. Ethan Allen: George Barnes.

May 30, 1958 - "False Faces." Settlements are being raided by crooks disguised with Indian masks. Snowbird: Helene Gilbert. Adams: William Walsh. Sanchu: Ed Holmes.

Jun 6, 1958 - "False Witness." Hawkeye and Chingachgook investigate a series of army payroll robberies. Courtney: William Walsh. Foster: Don Gerrard. Martin: Fred Diehl.

Jun 20, 1958 - "Huron Tomahawk." A young man on his way to be married finds that his fiancee and her family have been massacred, apparently by marrauding Huron braves. Mike: Brian Smyth. Brave: Godfrey Jackman.

Jun 27, 1958 - "The Medicine Man." Hawkeye goes to the aid of an Indian medicine man who has been expelled from his tribe. Jake Collins: Ed Holmes. Wenatchgo: Dickson Kenwin. Shenahbe: Fred Euringer.

Jul 4, 1958 - "The Wild One." Hawkeye and Chingachgook come to the aid of a young Indian doctor who attempts to practice in an intolerant frontier town. Tanama: Fred Euringer. Mara: Joan Blackman. Adams: Chris Wiggins.

Jul 18, 1958 - "The Contest." Two masked highwaymen pose as Hawkeye and Chingachgook and commit a series of crimes. Stark: Jim Barron. Anoki: Don Gerrard.

Jul 25, 1958 - "The Snake Tattoo." A renegade white man tries to use a boy as his pawn in a plan to steal silver from the Cree tribe. Ned: Tommy Tweed. Kronen: Daryl Masters. Scout: Bob Ellison. Blackfoot: Bonar Stuart.

Aug 1, 1958 - "Morristown Story." A renegade spreads a rumor that the black plague has hit the country, and terrorizes a small town. Audley: George Barnes. Mrs. Audley: Beryl Braithwaite. Simon Girty: Powys Thomas. Bradley: Juan Root. Blount: Lloyd Chester.

Aug 8, 1958 - "The Threat." Fascinated by the promise of a new land, a group of city settlers from England head into the wilderness with two guides. When they get into the Huron country they find themselves at the mercy of the Indians. Flint: John Paris. Rafe: Lloyd Chester. Bass: George Barnes.

Aug 15, 1958 - "Stubborn Pioneer." An inexperienced leader of a group of settlers insists on taking his people into dangerous Huron country, and soon finds his party surrounded by hostile Indians. Hawkeye makes a deal to turn himself over to the Indians if the settlers are allowed to return to their settlement. Carpenter: Len Ontkean. Sewaga: Alan Zelonka. Grey Wolf: Don Gerrard.

Aug 22, 1958 - "Way Station." Successor to the chief of the Mingo tribe is being determined by a hunting contest between two young braves competing for the chief's daughter. Tonkawa: Jim Doohan. Liza: Marjorie Purvey. Nocona: Rex Devlin. Quannah: Frank Perry. Willow Whist: Joan Blackman. Zac: Paul Endersby.

Aug 29, 1958 - "Washington Story." Hawkeye lends assistance when George Washington, a young surveyor mapping new territory, is menaced by hostile trappers. Sandi: Dawn Lesley. Washington: Rodney Bunker. Laura: Joan White. Brent: Ben Lennick. Gaunt: John Paris.

Original Canadian airdates unknown:

"LaSalle's Treasure." Three greedy fortune hunters hire Hawkeye and Chingachgook to locate a treasure. LaSalle: Rodney Bunker. Murray: John Harding. Tavish: Powys Thomas. Chief: Rex Devlin.

"Revenge." When his parents are murdered by Shawnees, an officer vows revenge on the tribe. Then the Shawnee chief is killed. Parker: Rodney Bunker.

"The Reckoning." A lieutenant is torn between loyalty to the Army and friendship with an Indian brave. Ewing: Michael Julian. Eliwasset: John Vernon. Duffy: Chris Wiggins.

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