Episode Guide - Last Frontier, The (Series) (1987-1990)

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Oct 31, 1987 - A look at the effects of man-made sounds on aquatic life forms.

Nov 28, 1987 - A study of predators in a coral reef.

Dec 12, 1987 - John Stoneman and his team study the shark.

Dec 26, 1987 - A discussion on marine life preservation with conservationists Norine Rouse, Christopher Hartley and Anne Davis.

Jun 25, 1988 - Dr. Richard Winterbottom and the team study the reasons behind shark attacks.

Sep 27, 1988 - Biologist Ned Lynas joins the diving team in the Canadian Arctic to study the beluga whale's reactions to underwater sounds.

Oct 11, 1988 - The research team travels to the Bahamas to observe the eagle ray.

Jan 14, 1989 - John Stoneman and his team travel to Central America, where a massive and mysterious blue hole sits in the middle of a lighthouse reef off the coast of Belize

Mar 7, 1989 - The Foundation attempts to make a Bimini coral reef an official sanctuary.

Apr 18, 1989 - The Foundation team visits the harp seals' frozen homes on islands off the eastern Canadian coast (R)

Dec 29, 1989 - The team attempts to capture on film those sea creatures universally considered dangerous to man.

Feb 16, 1990 - A look into the reasons for colour beneath the ocean waves.

Mar 2, 1990 - An Israeli team of divers joins the Foundation to examine a Red Sea shipwreck.

Mar 16, 1990 - Filmmakers Ron and Valerie Taylor, marine biologist Alan Emery and sculptor Randy Puckett have all aided in the quest to understand the sea.

Apr 20, 1990 - Dr. Alan Emery joins a study of venomous and poisonous creatures of the sea.

May 4, 1990 - The team observes how plankton sustains the coral reef.

May 25, 1990 - The team searches the Pacific for a Japanese ship, sunk during World War II.

Jun 22, 1990 - The team attempts to capture on film those sea creatures universally considered dangerous to man.

Jul 20, 1990 - The team searches the Great Lakes for the 100-year-old wreckage of the "Arabia."

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