Lassie (Series) (1997-1998)

Karen Cabot, moves back to her old Home Town, Hudson Falls VT, with her son Timmy. There she runs a veterinary clinic. Timmy, her son, finds a dog, a collie. He names her Lassie, and they get into all kinds of trouble.

Susan Almgren .... Dr. Karen Cabot
Walter Massey .... Dr. Donald Stewart
Tim Post .... Ethan Bennet
Corey Sevier .... Timmy Cabot
Tod Fennell .... Jeff Mackenzie
Nathalie Vansier .... Natalie
Al Vandecruys .... Jay Mack Mackenzie
Sacha Cantor .... Shy Boy
Chip Chuipka .... Hank
Tyler Hynes .... Darren
Leni Parker .... Lucy
Edward Yankie .... Bruce the Goose
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