Lantern Hill (TV Movie) (1990)

Lantern Hill
Jane has been living all her life with her mother under the thumb of her repressive grandmother. Then she goes to live with her father for the summer, and discovers a new life of freedom and friends such as the street urchin, Jody, and the mysterious Mamzelle Hepzibah. But she must return to her grandmother's house sometime. Jane makes up her mind to bring her parents together before that time comes.

Mairon Bennett....Jane Stuart
Sam Waterston....Andrew Stuart
Patricia Phillips....Robin Stuart
Zoe Caldwell....Mrs.Kennedy
Sarah Polley....Jody Turner
Colleen Dewhurst....Hepzibah
Vivian Reis....Aunt Irene
Joyce Campion....Violet Titus
Florence Patterson....Justina Titus
Sharry Flett....Lillian Morrow
Glori Gage....Evelyn Morrow
Dora Dainton....Aggie
Robert Benson....William Kennedy
Juno Mills Cockell....Phyllis Kennedy
Jillian Cook....Gertrude Kennedy
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