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He Shoots, He Scores
Season One (13 Episodes)

Sep 23, 1986 - In the opener, Pierre Lambert and his best friend begin their new careers by attending the Quebec Nationals' training camp. Guest cast: Martin Faucher (Driver), Harry Hill (Scout #2), Armand Labelle (Man), Georges Lariviere (Dragons' Coach), Jean-Pierre Leduc (Scout #1), Michel Parizeau (Comets' Coach), Yvann Thibaudeau (Boy).

Sep 30, 1986 - Pierre, now a full-fledged member of the Quebec Nationals, enjoys the fastpaced lifestyle that accompanies stardom in professional sports—but he also discovers the team's star considers him a threat. Guest cast: Yvon Bouchard, Valda Dalton (Woman), Erika Klush (Client), Guy Lepage, Andre Lachance (Porter), Diane St-Jacques (Waitress).

Oct 7, 1986 - Pierre returns home to Trois Rivieres to a hero's welcome but also finds that not all his friends are happy for him— especially Denis Mercure. Later, Pierre also argues with his girlfriend. Guest cast: Jacques Boulanger (TV announcer) , Lise Manseau (Hostess), Jacques Tourangeau (Maurice Trudeau), Daniel Tremblay (Policeman).

Oct 14, 1986 - After feeling secure that things are going well with his position on the team, Pierre is suddenly benched. Guest cast: Jean-Guy Bouchard (Porter), Catherine Jalbert (Martine), Pierre Powers (Reporter).

Oct 21, 1986 - Pierre is disillusioned and depressed about his career and his girlfriend's apparent interest in a rival player. Guest cast: Richard Alary (Boy), Kirsten Bishop (Belinda), Robert Bouchard (Client), Hugo Devost, Louise Gauthier (Hostess), Frederic Labry (Boy), Andre Lacoste (Punk), Jean-Pierre Legare (Clerk), Vincent Lemay-Thivierge (Boy), Jani Pascal (Mrs. Letourneau), Yvan Thibaudeau (Boy).

Oct 28, 1986 - Pierre has now become completely broken and depressed. Everyone is worried about him, but it is Pierre himself who decides that he must summon his inner resources and try again. Guest cast: Jean Brousseau (Accountant), Michel Pasquier.

Nov 4, 1986 - Pierre Lambert is in hospital after suffering a knee injury. He feels the injury was not entirely accidental and that Marc Gagnon had something to do with it. Guest cast: Barry Blake (Dr. Leo Gravel), Carole Cucinello (Stripper), Jacques Lavallee (Deliveryman), Robert Nadon (Photographer), Danielle Scheider (Nurse).

Nov 11, 1986 - While Pierre Lambert has been recovering from a knee injury in hospital, he has fallen in love with intern Lucie Baptiste. Meanwhile, Pierre's mother has been developing a relationship with the general manager of the Nationals hockey team. Guest cast: Jacques de Arburn (Punk #1), Leo Dubois (Grandfather), Robert Duparc (Taxi Driver), Patrick Henley (Punk #3), Paul Miklachiofsky (Mikhailov), Michel Ponomareff (Petrov), Francois Pratte (Page), Michel Thompson (Punk #2), Pierre Valcour (Mr. Gagnon), Vlasta Vrana (Popov).

Nov 18, 1986 - Pierre is humiliated when he is sent to the minor leagues and his old friend, and now archrival, Denis is called up to the Nationals to replace him. Guest cast: Yves Deschamps (Photographer), Marc Legault (Taxi Driver).

Nov 25, 1986 - Recovered from the injury that nearly destroyed his career, Pierre Lambert is back on the ice and has returned to hockey with great energy and ambition. Guest scast: Catherine Colvey (Journalist), Pierre Gros d'Aillon (Photographer), Sam Stone (Rico).

Dec 2, 1986 - Pierre Lambert and Lucie Baptiste are deeply in love but now Pierre faces the difficult task of making her a part of his life. He must get Lucie accepted into the hockey world — which is deeply tainted with racial prejudice. Guest cast: Raymond Deschenes (Nurse), Manuel Hurtubise (Reporter), Don Jordon (Reporter), Rejean Vigneault (Reporter).

Dec 9, 1986 - Pierre faces pressure on two fronts: Guilbault is making life difficult because of his botched affair with Pierre's mother, and his teammates resent Lucie's independence. Guest cast: Jeanne Charette (Ive Anderson), Gilles Doucet (Sebastien), Sylvie Lauzier (Hostess), Jim Rowan.

Dec 16, 1986 - Everything is going very well for Pierre Lambert. He is playing superb hockey, his relationship with Lucie is smooth and he has halted the aggression of Marc Gagnon. Guest cast: Lois Arkwright (Christine), Jean Lafontaine (Raymond), Teddy Lee Dillon (Boy), Tom Rack (Bill Tomlin), Linda Smith (Girl).

Season Two (13 Episodes)

Jan 9, 1988 - Pierre Lambert and the rest of the Quebec Nationals head for the international hockey arena as the series moves into its second season. Now a veteran NHLer, Lambert is in the midst of dramatic changes; His relationship with love interest Lucie Baptiste is on the rocks; his aging teammate and mentor Marc Gagnon is under pressure to retire; and coach Jacques Mercier is being enticed to work in Switzerland. In the opener, as Lambert's Nationals prepare for a key exhibition series with the touring Russian club, there's talk of a World Cup competition that will feature teams from Canada, USA, USSR and Europe. Gagnon buries his wife and has to raise two young children while coping with the realization that his hockey skills are fading fast. Guest cast: Real Baril (Taxi driver), Eric Megret (Photographer).

Jan 16, 1988 - Pierre and Denis befriend two of the Soviet players participating in the exhibition series, but the friendship becomes strained when one of the Russians announces his wish to defect. Guest cast: Gilbert Comtois, Nathalie Gadouas (Louise), Fabienne Larouche (Luce), Marco Poulin.

Jan 23, 1988 - Pierre hits the bottle and is charged with drunk driving after Lucie leaves him for Dr. Brisson; Marc Gagnon retires from the Nationals; and the World Cup Hockey Tournament is announced. Guest cast: Johanne Seymour (Radio Announcer).

Jan 30, 1988 - While brooding over the break-up of his relationship, Pierre meets two new women, one a police officer's daughter, the other a photographer who introduces him to cocaine. Meanwhile, Guilbeault gives up coaching and asks Gagnon to take over. Guest cast: Rejean Gauvin (Policeman), Marc Hebert (Policeman), Louis de Santis (Roberto).

Feb 6, 1988 - Pierre decides to bypass the World Cup tournament and stay in Quebec to win back Lucie--but he's devastated by news that she's pregnant with Dr. Brisson's baby. Guest cast: Marc Hebert (Policeman).

Feb 13, 1988 - After learning of Lucie's pregnancy, Pierre decides to join Team Canada in Europe where his excessive drinking forces Guilbeault to bench him for one game. Guest cast: Gabor Farkas (Swiss), Nader Farman (Swiss Doctor), Jean Turlier, Raymond Vouillamoz.

Feb 20, 1988 - Just as Suzie is about to travel to China on a modeling job, she learns that her boyfriend is dying of leukemia. Guest cast: Pascal Groselle (Albert Soigneur), Jean Rossignol, Robert Sese (Journalist).

Feb 27, 1988 - Boris Vassilief secretly signs a contract with the Nationals but is caught just as he tries to defect; Pierre's incessant carousing ires his teammates; Murdoch plots revenge against Linda Hubert. Guest cast: Jose Correia (Waiter), Gilles Gaston Dreyfus (Doctor), Michel Odekerken, Marius Pujszo (Russian Player).

Mar 12, 1988 - Despite his leukemia, Patrick and Suzie get married, Meanwhile, Sergei is convinced that Natasha is involved with Boris's disappearance. Guest cast: Monique Abel, Dominique Latil (Grandfather), Eric Megret (Photographer), Marius Pujszo (Russian Player), Jean Gerard Sorlin (Mayor), Michel Anderson, Patrick Steltzer.

Mar 19, 1988 - Suzie returns to Quebec after her husband's death; Linda threatens to write an expose on Pierre's alleged cocaine habit; and Pierre falls in love with Patricia. Guest cast: Gabor Farkas (Swiss), Guy LaFleur, Gilles Quenneville.

Apr 2, 1988 - Guest cast: Gabor Farkas (Swiss), Guy LaFleur, Patrcik O'Hara (Red Wings Coach), Gilles Quenneville, Gisele Sallin (Waitress), Marie-Josee Turcotte.

Apr 9, 1988 - An international diplomatic crisis arises when Pierre is arrested for possession of cocaine when he arrives in Moscow. Guest cast: Marie-Lise Bernier (Hostess), Dominique Briand (Pierre Thompson), Jean-Bernard Cote, Frank Fontaine, Normand Harvey, Don Jordan (Journalist), Alexander Koupman, Andre Lacoste (Lucien Binette), Guy LaFleur, Gabrielle Mathieu (Marie-Anne Savard), Guy Provost (Canadian Ambassador), Denise Proulx (Raymonde Provencher), Michel Subor (Anatoly Dubrin).

Apr 16, 1988 - The World Cup moves to Quebec with Team Canada down two games to none; Guilbeault suffers a heart attack and is replaced by Marc Gagnon; and Pierre faces a year-long suspension from the NHL due to his cocaine problem. Guest cast: Normand Caisse (Referee), Guy Lepage, George Levtchouk (Russian Goalie), Jacques Payette, Diane Robitaille, Len Watt (John Aylmer).

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