Kissinger and Nixon (TV Movie) (1995)

Kissinger and Nixon
Walter Isaacson's book Kissinger: A Biography served as the basis for this made-for-television movie about the famed political leader. Beau Bridges stars as President Richard Nixon and Ron Silver portrays Henry Kissinger, Nixon's national security advisor. The adaptation shows how Kissinger worked to try and end the Vietnam crisis while Nixon maneuvered to keep his political image strong until election time. Bridges was nominated for an Emmy for his lead performance. ~ Bernadette McCallion, All Movie Guide

Ron Silver....Henry A. Kissinger/Narrator
Beau Bridges....Richard Nixon
Ron White....H.R. 'Bob' Haldeman
George Takei....Le Duc Tho
Kenneth Welsh....James 'Scotty' Reston
Tony Rosato....Charles Colson
Henry Chan....President Nguyen Van Thieu
Matt Frewer....Gen. Alexander Haig
Tom Tran....Nbo
Ping Cheung....Political advisor
Adrian Hough....Lord
Paul Miller....Negreponte
Ron Hartmann....Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker
Brett Halsey....Secretary of State William P. Rogers
Graham McPherson....Gen. William Westmoreland
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