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King of Kensington
Pilot (Dec 12, 1974) (w. Arthur Samuels d. Perry Rosemond) King: Paul Hecht. Cathy: Sandra O'Neill. King's Mother: Helene Winston.

Season 1

Variety Store (Sep 25, 1975) Larry finds himself apart of an unexpected competition when the person he sponsored opens up his own variety store. GS: Ivor Barry (Mr. Wallace)

Hot Line Host (Oct 2, 1975) Larry challenges a radio talk-show host. GS: Mina E. Mina (Ashok Sharma)

Kensington Achievement Award (Oct 9, 1975) Larry and the boys at his club, want to present Toronto Maple Leafs star Eddie Shack with the "Kensington Achievement Award", but Larry is at a crossroad when the big man is fashionably late. GS: Eddie Shack

The Tax Audit (Oct 23, 1975) The family panics in the face of a tax audit. GS: Dinah Christie.

Save Old George (Oct 30, 1975) King fights to save a local landmark.

Where's Cathy? (Nov 6, 1975) Cathy acts drastically to keep strippers out of Larry's club.

Half-Way Home (Nov 13, 1975) Larry's dinner guest is a former convict.

The Lady Who Came to Dinner An elderly lady (Jane Mallett). who is evicted from her apartment and rescued by Larry, may be staying for dinner-permanently.

The Joy of Kensington Larry's attempts to help a young woman with a sex problem back fire, when he develops similar symptoms. GS: Andrea Martin (Wilma Willoughby, Peter Kastner (George Willoughby)

The Gambler To cure his friend's habit, Larry stages a gambling marathon. GS: Luba Goy (Barbara Beck), Saul Rubinek (Jerry Beck)

The Real Mrs. King (Dec 11, 1975) Larry and Cathy send Gladys to a motel so they can be alone.

Scout's Honour A European beauty invades the club's kitchen. GS: Mike Myers (Ari), Maruska Stankova (Nina)

The Christmas Show Gladys brings a suicidal stranger home to Christmas dinner. Arty: Ivor Brogger.

The Detroit Story A fearful King family attends a friend's funeral in Detroit. GS: Helen Shaver

Cathy's Hobby Cathy's newfound creative outlet disrupts the household.

Duke's Dilemma Duke's daughter's impending marriage threatens his and Larry's friendship.

Delma's Decision (Feb 5, 1976) Nestor's wife decides to return to their native Jamaica, leaving Nestor wondering whether or not to give up his life in Canada to follow her.

Happy Anniversary (Feb 12, 1976) Larry is afraid that his casual attitude toward his 7th anniversary may have put his marriage in jeopardy when Cathy fails to turn up at a last minute celebration he's planned.

Season 2

Fertility for Two (Sep 21, 1976) Gladys' hopes that her dreams of becoming a grandmother will come true when Cathy starts taking fertility pills - but Larry's the one who ends up at the gynecologist's.

The Partners (Sep 28, 1976) A tempting job offer threatens a partnership.

The Checkup (Oct 5, 1976) Larry blames Cathy for his weight problem so Cathy sets up a kill or cure program of diet and exercise.

The Dancer (Oct 12, 1976) A beautiful young dancer propositions Larry and to make matters worse, Cathy is out of town.

Delma's Fur (Oct 26, 1976) Larry suspects that the mink coat Nestor's wife is sporting may have been obtained illegally. Delma: Siobhan Ouinlan

The Reunion (Nov 9, 1976) In preparation for a high school reunion, Larry inadvertently reads Cathy's old diary and finds out things about himself he wishes he didn't know.

Gestalt of Kensington (Nov 16, 1976) A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. When Cathy comes home from her night school course in psychology and tries to apply the lessons of truth and honesty to her family and friends, she comes close to destroying Duke's 25 year marriage. GS: Vivian Reis (Receptionist), Enzina Berti (Rosa), Kurt Freund, Siobhan Quinlan

Welcome to Canada (Nov 23, 1976) The Duke's nephew jumps a $1000 bond that Larry has posted for his entry into Canada. Francesco: Brian George

The Friend (Nov 30, 1976) The King household is thrown into turmoil when Johnny DeCarlo, a Las Vegas singer and one of Larry's oldest friends, drops in and tries to get a little more than friendly with Cathy. GS: Michael Kirby (Johnny De Carlo)

Duke's New Job (Dec 7, 1976) Tired of driving a cab, the Duke becomes manager of a variety store opposite Larry's. GS: Paul-Emile Frappier (Bergeron)

Prisoner of Kensington (Dec 14, 1976) When an attempted robbery fails in King's Variety, the criminal begs to be sent to jail. Larry wants to help him change his way of life so he offers him odd jobs around the store. Then, as an act of faith, King asks him to deposit the store's receipts in the bank. Alfie: Hugh Webster.

The Holiday (Dec 28, 1976) In order to take his wife on vacation, Larry must collect on his customers' debts. Coop: Allan Aarons. Taxi Driver: Al Bernardo.

The End of the World (Jan 4, 1977) Larry is apprehensive when a customer predicts that the end of the world is at hand. Anson Phelps: Saul Rubinek.

The Lottery (Jan 11, 1977) Larry, Duke, Max and Nestor buy a lottery ticket and they win $1000. But Larry loses the ticket and it looks like his carelessness is going to cost him more than money.

Gladys' Teddy Bear (Jan 18, 1977) Larry is ready to call the police when Gladys comes home from a Bingo game complaining of being molested. He can't believe his ears when Gladys announces that she wants to see the man again. Teddy Bear: Henry Beckman.

Bunny of Kensington Larry arranges a welcome-to-Kensington party for a woman who is opening a flower shop next door to King's Variety. King worries that the woman will be selling more than flowers when he discovers that Bunny's (the woman) previous "flower shops" across the country have been closed by morality squads.

Mary Theresa Is Missing Max's poodle, Mary Theresa, is dognapped.

Cathy's Parents Three may be a crowd but four is a mob. Things get just a little tense at the King household when Cathy's mother, Helen, moves in after her husband Arthur accuses her of having an affair with her hairdresser. King tries to help Helen save her marriage and his own home. Helen: Anne Butler. Arthur: Arch McDonell. Other guests: Rummy Bishop, Susan Illingworth, Nicky Fylan.

The Central Tech Tiger (Feb 15, 1977) When the Cabbagetown Kid gets a match with one of the lesser-known contenders for the Middle-weight Commonwealth Championship he turns to Larry for help. King turns the club into a training camp for the kid, feeds him, coaches him. But then the kid asks King to become his sparring partner.

The Crush (Feb 22, 1977) A question of algebra turns into a tricky geometry problem when Wally, the young man Cathy's tutoring, develops a very severe crush on her. Wally: David Eisner.

Tiny's Job Larry dreams up a publicity stunt to save a theater. Felicia: Luba Goy. Tiny: Guy Big.

Gladys' Problem When the doctor orders tests, Gladys fears the worst.

The Quiz Show (Mar 15, 1977) Cathy and Larry appear on a TV quiz show where the grand prize is an 18-foot sailboat. They're sure that they can win but the wind is taken out of their sails when their opponent, Merton, asks them to throw the game because his wife Doris has only six months to live. Chip Riley: R.O. Horning Jr. Merton: Jack Newman. Doris: Robin Duke.

The Big Shot (Mar 22, 1977) Cathy and Gladys want Larry to invest in an old rival's multimillion-dollar computer business.

Season 3

Cathy's New Career (Sep 25, 1977) As the third season opens, Cathy has lost her job at the day-care center and Larry hires her to work in the store- to Gladys's horror.

The Comic (Oct 9, 1977) After Larry's success as a guest speaker at the Kensington Community Association dinner, Duke decides that Larry has a great future in comedy and books him into Luigi's Restaurant.

The Prom (Oct 16, 1977) Larry's good deed for the day involves a girl on his baseball team-he has to find her a date for the prom. Jackie: Jeannie Elias.

The Hostage (Oct 23, 1977) Larry and the store may go up in smoke: he's being held hostage by a man wired with explosives. Charlie: Bill Reiter. Sarge: Don Daynard. Lorne Robinson: Dan Hennessey.

The Boiler (Oct 30, 1977) Larry's blood pressure rises as a bumbling plumber (Arnie Achtman) tries to fix the Kings' boiler.

Hotel Buffalo (Nov 6, 1977) Larry and Cathy try to save the marriage of a bickering newlywed couple- and almost wind up ruining their own. Gwendolyn: Dorothy Poste.

The Photographer (Nov 13, 1977) Cathy is asked to assist a female photographer to take pictures of 'masculine aesthetics' (nude men). Larry resists - but Cathy accuses him of being chauvinistic and convinces him that she should do it. King turns up as a model in the photography session. Photographer: Carol Robinson.

The Teacher Larry's jealousy of Cathy's dance instructor prompts him to take cello lessons from a female teacher.

The Move (Nov 27, 1977) Cathy walks out when Gladys vetoes Larry's suggestion of a takeout Chinese dinner.

Gladys' Restaurant (Dec 4, 1977) Gladys decides to turn her talent for cooking into fun, profit and chance for independence by opening a restaurant at the back of the variety store. Mrs. Dubrovsky: Elena Kudaba.

The Hero (Dec 11, 1977) Fresh from foiling a robbery attempt at the local bar, Larry thinks he's a shoo-in for the Man of the Year award- until he finds out that Duke is taking all the credit. Bandit: John Candy. Maloney: Henry Beckman.

The Dance Studio (Dec 18, 1977) In an attempt to get Gladys out of her doldrums, Larry takes her to the Starlight Dance Studio and enters himself and his mother in their dance contest.

The Suitor (Jan 8, 1978) The variety store is in chaos, the household's upside-down, all because Gladys has been out gallivanting with a man from Vancouver. When Jules Blackman announces that he wants to share the rest of his life with Gladys, Larry can barely control his jealousy. Guest: Joseph Golland.

The Hustler (Jan 22, 1978) Larry takes Cathy to Louis' pool hall for an evening of non-competitive fun. But Cathy gets very sore when she loses and secretly takes lessons from the local pool shark. Then she challenges Larry to a grudge match. Fast Frankie: Joe Flaherty. Candy Man: Calvin Butler.

The Wizard (Jan 29, 1978) Larry offers his backroom to a prayer group, but the service turns out to involve some unorthodox paraphernalia.

Big Daddy (Feb 5, 1978) The Kings are happy to look after a teen-ager for the weekend—until she asks to go camping with her boy friend. Jackie: Jeannie Elias. Guido: David Eisner.

The Racehorse (Feb 12, 1978) Larry expects a visit from the health inspector— and Duke's horse is in the back room. Health Inspector: Gerard Parkes. Barskey: Al Bernando.

The Dukedom (Feb 19, 1978) Cathy sides with Duke's wife in a marital dispute- prompting Rosa and her screaming kids to move in with the Kings. Rosa. Angela Fusco. Aldo: Don Florio.

Las Vegas (Feb 26, 1978) Cathy argues that a winning ticket tor a trip to Las Vegas belongs to Larry— but Gladys says it's hers.

Old Flame (Mar 5, 1978) A jet-setting novelist is researching her new book in Kensington and Cathy is jealous: the writer is thrice divorced-and the girl Larry almost married. Sharon: Marilyn Lightstone.

King's Cousin (Mar 12, 1978) Larry's cousin Barney arrives for a visit and tries to talk Larry into getting involved in a new business he is starting. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Party Girl), Janelle Hutchison (Helen), Maury Chaykin (Client), J. Winston Carroll (Sheldon), Dorothy Anne Haug (Party Girl), Lynda Mason Green (Party Girl), Cayle Chernin (Party Girl), Billy Van (Cousin Barney)

The Blood of Kings (Mar 19, 1978) Cathy (Fiona Reid) has volunteered Larry to donate blood, but he'd as soon shake hands with a vampire. Nurse: Donna Miller. Miss Ontario: Susan Roman. Test Assistant: Vinetta Stromberg.

Cathy's Last Stand (Mar 26, 1978) Cathy returns from a week in Vancouver to tell Larry that although she loves him very much, although he's always been supportive and although he's ordered her favorite Chinese food for dinner, she's leaving him to search for her own identity. (final original telecast for this season).

Season 4

King's First Date (Sep 28, 1978) Larry wants to ask an acquaintance for a date.

Summer of '56 (Oct 5, 1978) A young woman (Susan Roman) arrives at Larry's house claiming to be his daughter. GS: Nonnie Griffin (Shirley), Susan Roman (Peggy)

School Daze (Oct 12, 1978) Larry helps Guido with a history exam. GS: David Eisner (Guido), Joan Orenstein (Mrs. Dawkins)

The Invitation (Oct 19, 1978) Tina invites Larry to spend the night. GS: Robin Ward (Jeff)

Words and Music (Oct 26, 1978) Larry takes an impressive poem by Guido to a pair of songwriters for a professional opinion, and the duo proceeds to steal it and turn it into a major hit. Irving: Jack Creley. Marty: Grant Cowan.

Carol's Arrival (Nov 2, 1978) Larry's relationship with Tina is shaken by the arrival of a very attractive woman who opens a store next to King's. GS: Bunty Webb (Antique Store Customer), Gale Garnett (Carol)

Double Standard (Nov 9, 1978) Larry accepts Carol's invitation to go away for a ski weekend. GS: Vincent Marino (Santucci), Calvin Butler (Delbert), John Peter Linton (Phil), Gale Garnett (Carol)

The Pursesnatcher (Nov 16, 1978) Larry and Jack disguise themselves to foil purse snatchers. GS: Robert Haley (Constable), Derek McGrath (Bobby)

Third Party Guido tells Larry of his love for an older woman. GS: David Eisner (Guido), Jeri Craden (Donna)

Big Brother (Dec 14, 1978) Big Brother Larry helps a man with a drinking problem return to his wife and son. GS: Darren Difonzo (Kenny), Janet Wright (Evelyn), Ken James (Len)

A Xmas Story (Dec 21, 1978) Larry's plans for a Christmas weekend in the country are interrupted by a blizzard-and by a pregnant woman in labor. Larry: Al Waxman. Teresa: Carol-Ann Francis. Madge: Bonnie Brooks. Lillian: Vivian Reis. Carlo: Gerry Mendicino. Trucker: John Friesen. Santa Claus: Sid Lynas.

The Houseguest (Dec 28, 1978) The Kings' houseguest is driving everyone crazy with his compulsive jogging and offbeat health foods.

With This Ring (Jan 4, 1979) Larry agrees to look after an engagement ring for a friend but Gladys finds it and a huge misunderstanding arises as a result. GS: John Peter Linton (Phil)

Guido's Job (Jan 11, 1979) Larry learns that delivery boy Guido has impaired vision, no glasses and no driver's license. GS: David Eisner (Guido), Guy Sanvido (Harry), Louise Vallance (Rosemary)

Over the Hill (Jan 18, 1979) Jack is disconsolate when the company that owns the drug store informs him that he has reached mandatory retirement age.

Dear Aunt Martha (Jan 25, 1979) Larry's temporary fill-in for advice columnist Charlie turns out so well that Charlie is fired, while Larry is offered his job on a permanent basis. GS: Tom Kneebone (Charlie)

The Best Man (Feb 1, 1979) Larry throws a stag for Phil. Larry and the guys roast Phil about the pitfalls of married life so effectively that Phil cancels the wedding. GS: Calvin Butler (Delbert), Vincent Marino (Santucci), John-Peter Linton (Phil), Carol Lazare (Irene), John Bayliss (The Minister)

Hockey Night in Kensington (Feb 15, 1979) A friendly series of exhibition series between the local hockey team and a visiting team quickly sours as King and the opposition's coach clash over a variety of issues. GS: Steve Pernie (The Referee), David Eisner (Guido), Steven Kampmann (Terry Ryan), Victor Désy (Roger Reilly)

True Confessions (Feb 22, 1979) Larry temporarily stays at Tina's home while his place is being fumigated. However, things get complicated when Tina's parents arrive unexpectedly and think Tina and Larry are married. GS: Deborah Turnbull (Mrs. Olsen), James Edmond (Mr. Olsen)

Mr. King Goes to Ottawa (Mar 8, 1979) Larry journeys to Ottawa in quest of the shirt off the Prime Minister's back.

White Lace Gloves (Mar 15, 1979) Larry and Gladys are terrified by the thought that their house is haunted- by the ghost of an ax murderer. Mavis: Linda Sorensen.

The Fishing Trip (Mar 22, 1979) Jack and Larry go on a fishing trip to a remote island but things don't go as planned. GS: Jack Mather (Old Dan).

Cyrano de Kensington (Mar 29, 1979) Larry tries to help a stranger rekindle his romance with a woman he divorced years ago but learns, to his dismay, that the woman is Tina. GS: Peter Kastner (Gary), George Merner (The Minister)

Season 5

King's Brave New World (Sep 13, 1979) As the fifth season opens, Larry begins a new job as athletic director of the Kensington Community Center. Gladys and Jack have just returned from their honeymoon-but seem headed for divorce. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Louis Del Grande (Fred), Martha Gibson (Mavis)

Diabolical Plots (Sep 20, 1979) Larry has two problems to deal with: a meddlesome city alderman at the rec centre and Gladys and Jack squabbling over where they will ultimately be buried. GS: Hadley Kay (Sean), Tom Butler (Mitch), Doris Petrie (Mrs. Skinner), Cec Linder (Alderman McCready)

Life Begins at Forty (Sep 27, 1979) Larry is dating a younger woman and soon finds there are differences between them besides ages. GS: Laurie Waller (Candy's Friend), Casey Stevens (Candy's Friend), John Skillicorn (Candy's Friend), Jim Rankin (Candy's Friend), Sally Malin (Candy's Friend), Terry Cherniak (Candy's Friend), Glenna Jones (Mrs. Selenko), Ray Whelan (Mr. Selenko), Mary Long (Candy)

The Hat Trick (Oct 4, 1979) Larry sits in on a 'Flying Single' discussion group and makes a date with a girl he later learns has just left the convent. Gladys and Jack argue over the portrait of her late husband Lou. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Rob Garrison (Stan), Vivian Reiss (Marlene), Carol Lazare (Beth), John Stocker (Paul)

Home Is Where the Heartburn Is (Oct 11, 1979) Larry contemplates moving out and living with an old friend of his in an attempt to improve his social life. However, he soon has second thoughts about his decision. GS: Eugene Levy (Bernie), Sherry Miller (Shirley Ann)

The Rivals (Oct 25, 1979) King and Gwen find themselves competing for the same promotion. Jack is addicted to credit card buying and Gladys thinks it is getting out of control. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Jon Johannessen (Delivery Man #2), Robert McHeady (Delivery Man #1), Dawn Greenhalgh (Florence Montgomery)

Born to Boogie (Nov 1, 1979) Larry tries helping a young woman, who wants her father to stop controlling her life. Gladys decides to start taking a course at a local college and irritates Larry and Jack in the process. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Marvin Goldhar (Mr. Palermo), Jeff Wincott (Jeff), Isabel Hornstein (Emilia)

The Double Date (Nov 8, 1979) (aka The Blind Date) Larry agrees to be part of a double date to help a shy and withdrawn man but things don't go as planned. GS: Sharon Dyer (Heather), Ron Singer (Howard), Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy)

Masters and Johnson and King (Nov 15, 1979) Larry plans to hold a talk on birth control with local teens at the community centre. However, the discussion could endanger a donation geared for repairing the pool. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), David Eisner (Guido), Patricia Gage (Mrs. Enright)

The Bet (Nov 22, 1979) It's the boys against the girls when Larry and Gwen take up opposing sides in a battle over the use of the swimming pool. GS: Les Rubie (Quigley), Jane Fellowes (Veronica), Sheldon Rybowski (Mouse), Jeff Wincott (Jeff), Charles-Cameron Mitchell (Ronny), Susi Cuthbert (Rosemary), Amelia Hall (Miss Christie)

Pawn to King Four (Dec 6, 1979) King has two problems: a pending audit of the community center and a homeless man who takes advantage of King's generous nature. GS: Bob Pickell (The Coach), Toby Waxman (Judy), Danny Higham (Tony), Rummy Bishop (Bandman), Lou Jacobi (Spivakofski)

Down but Not Out (Dec 13, 1979) Larry tries to persuade an elderly man to tell his wife that he's lost his Job. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Patrick Rose (Greg), Ruth Springford (Agnes), Sandy Webster (Andy)

Catch 23 (Dec 20, 1979) Larry finds out that Gwen is earning more money than he is, for doing the same amount of work. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Dawn Greenhalgh (Florence Montgomery)

The Total Woman (Jan 3, 1980) Gwen is worried about not being feminine enough and becomes an ultra-feminine woman. Larry tries to change her back to her former self. Gladys thinks that Jack may be cheating on her with another woman. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Sandra O'Neill (Lurleen)

Look Ma, No Cavities (Jan 10, 1980) It's love at first sight when Gwen's cousin visits from Prince Edward Island and Larry proposes marriage. GS: Patricia Collins (Pat), Liza Creighton (Martha)

Sign of the Bull (Jan 17, 1980) Larry objects to astrology being taught at the center-but a voluptuous instructor changes his mind. Marina: Judith Dagley. Mad Dog Harrison: Tony Sheer.

The Spirit of Joy (Jan 24, 1980) The Centre is doomed for demolition until Larry convinces the wife of the owner to intervene. She happens to be a sculptor who works at the Centre and she in turn donates two statues which create a new set of problems. GS: Jefferson Mappin (The Demolition Man), Danny Higham (Tony), Cathy Gallant (Lisa), Dawn Greenhalgh (Florence Montgomery)

Good News, Bad News (Jan 31, 1980) Larry's campaign to boost enrolment and stave off cutbacks at the center prompts Gwen to launch her own project. GS: Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Cec Linder (Alderman McCready), Chuck Shamata (Ray)

War and Peace (Feb 7, 1980) The Lubanians are planning on using the Centre as their pavilion for Metro Mosaic and Larry gets caught in the middle when two opposed factions claim the sole right of representation. GS: Jan Muszynski (Josef), Alberta Watson (Mitzi).

Counter Attack (Feb 21, 1980) King collapses during a basketball game at the community center but overreacts to the incident to the point that he considers quitting his job. David Eisner (Guido), Linda Rennhofer (Dorothy), Steve Pernie (The Worker), Lally Cadeau (The Nurse), David Calderisi (Dr. Bauer), Annie Anglin (The Receptionist)

Green Eyed Monster (Feb 28, 1980) Larry must pacify a jealous husband when he helps the man's attractive wife audit the center's books. Janice: Toby Tarnow. Walter: Peter Kastner.

Purple Passion (Mar 6, 1980) A poet ruins Gladys' plan to match Larry with Gwen.

Movin' On (Mar 13, 1980) Gladys and Jack decide to retire and move to Florida. An Italian couple buys the store. Gwen agrees to marry Larry.

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