King Chronicle, The (Miniseries) (1988)

King Chronicle, The
The life and career of the eccentric and enduring Prime Minister of Canada, William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Part 1: Mackenzie King and the Unseen Hand - King's childhood and early career are chronicled in this episode. Believing he is a child of destiny, drawn to greatness by "an unseen hand," King begins the meteoric rise to power in the civil service and later in the Liberal Party. By the end of this episode, however, his political future appears uncertain.

Part 2: Mackenzie King and the Great Beyond - Having survived the Customs Scandal, King finds himself in yet another bitter struggle, the King-Byng Affair. After his loss to Bennett's Conservatives in the 1930 election, King secretly turns to spiritualism in order to make contact with his mother and others of the "great beyond." The episode ends with the outbreak of World War II, the invasion of Hong Kong, and Churchill's 1941 visit to Canada.

Part 3: Mackenzie King and the Zombie Army - This final episode begins with the divisive Conscription Crisis. Despite his assurances that conscription would not be implemented, conditions in Europe force King to hold a plebiscite on the issue. King remains in office until his retirement in 1948. A lonely man, he lives out his remaining years at Kingsmere.

Donald Brittain .... Narrator (voice)
Sean McCann .... William Lyon Mackenzie King
James Rae .... American Attaché
Robert Benson
J. Winston Carroll
Patricia Collins
Jason Dean
Richard Farrell
Marion Gilsenan
Michael Kirby
Albert Millaire
Damir Andrei
Gordon Jocelyn
George Mermer
Gary Reineke
John Friesen
David Gardner
David Hughes
Henry Ramer
R.H. Thomson
Len Watt
Sandy Webster
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