Kidstuff (Series) (1975-1979)

Kidstuff was a one-hour Saturday morning children’s program on CTV. Each show had songs and skits and a number of guest performers. The show also showed clips of celebrities talking about their favourite parts of Canada, and segments in which kids narrated video clips of their parents at their work.

The series focused on basic elements such as comedy, fantasy, and music, with children themselves carrying through a fast-paced hour of sketches, production numbers, vignettes and other elements of a variety show. The entire show is presented in a framework of fantasy that will allow the group of kids to do anything, from walking into a comic strip come to life, to participating in a game show, to picking up musical pointers from a far-out Ludwig van Beethoven. The set itself is a fantastic world of giant-sized kid-type stuff--over-sized props such as a baseball bat and glove, comic books, a gumball machine, dolls, a game board, a record player, a fantastic meccano or tinker-toy machine, a typewriter, paints--everything a youngster would love to have. Against this backdrop the children perform musical numbers and sketches. In addition the set acts as a continuity device that links the diverse elements of the program. A hockey card is used as a way into an item on hockey; a doll house is the set for a sketch ... a history book is a way to meet Jacques Cartier.

Writer: Janis Nosbakken
Music: Cliff Jones
Writer/Producer: Bill Hartley

Harry Coates
Catherine Cornell
Suzin Schiff
Doug Springall

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user bozzhogg, January 12, 2014
Loved this show as a young teen. Still like it now. Does anyone know how to get this show on DVD or video cassette??

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