Kids of Degrassi Street, The (Series) (1982-1986)

Kids of Degrassi Street, The
The series was set around the elementary school which was located one block away from the Degrassi Grocery. All the children lived on Degrassi Street and went to the common school. From the time the series began there were two groups of characters, a small portion of them were older, like Noel, Catherine, Chuck, Tina, Sophie. The younger characters, like Lisa, Griff, Rachel, Connie, Martin, Samantha, Pete, and Casey. Most of the younger characters stayed until the end of the series and were old enough to start junior high.

The series started out as one-off short films airing on the CBC beginning in 1980. The CBC later re-aired several of these short films in the series "Just Down the Street" in 1982.

Zoe Newman .... Ida Lucas
Dawn Harrison .... Catherine 'Cookie' Peters
Allan Melusi .... Fred Lucas
Peter Duckworth-Pilkington II .... Noel Canard
Nancy Lam .... Irene
Lisa Barry .... Tina Sheldon
Shawn Biso .... Squeeze
Rachel Blanchard .... Melanie Schlegel
Danah-Jean Brown .... Connie Jacobs
Christopher Charlesworth .... Benjamin Martin
Sarah Charlesworth .... Casey Rothfels
Nick Goddard .... Chuck Riley
Anais Granofsky .... Karen Gillis
Stacey Halberstadt .... Sophie Brendakis
Neil Hope .... Robin 'Griff' Griffiths
John Ioannou .... Pete Riley
Dave James .... Duke Griffiths
Arlene Lott .... Rachel Hewitt
Jason Lynn .... Norman
Stacie Mistysyn .... Lisa Canard
Matthew Roberts .... Jeffery Clayton
Megan Roberts .... Ingrid Clayton
Jamie Summerfield .... Martin Schlegel
Tyson Talbot .... Billy Martin
Shane Toland .... Leon Schlegel
Heather Wall .... Dodie

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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