Kevin Spencer (Series) (1998-)

Kevin Spencer
Kevin Spencer is a sociopath addicted to cough syrup/booze and cigarettes. He is guided primarily by emotion and will go to any lengths to satisfy his needs with no worries about future consequences. He barely attends school and always breaks the law, though the offenses are minor. Kevin also has no friends-except for Allen the Magic Goose, who lives in his head and helps him make decisions. The show also stars his parents: Percy, a fat hard-drinking, chain-smoking welfare recipient who probably committed every minor offense in the book of law, and Anastasia, another fat hard drinker and chain-smoker who puts out for every guy in town.

Greg Lawrence .... Percy Spencer/Narrator (voice)
Thomasin Langlands .... Anastasia Spencer (voice)
Mike Wetmore .... Allan the Magic Goose/Charlie Plunt (voice)
David L. McCallum .... Marty the Bartender (voice)
Robin Smith .... Afroman (voice)
Kevin Spencer .... Himself (voice)
Norman Mikeal Berketa .... Dr. Franklin, Season #1 (voice)
Liette Bettez .... (voice)
Dave Bigelow .... Allan the Magic Goose (voice)
Tori Hammond .... Shawna (voice)
Thomas Michael .... Various (voice)
Lisa Runge .... (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): COMEDY

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