Keith Hampshire's Music Machine (Series) (1973-1975)

Aka: Music Machine

Music Machine was a showcase for pop groups which began a two-year run in autumn, 1973 on the CBC-TV network. A slick production, Music Machine had an impressive list of resident performers, like Lisa dal Bello, Roy Kenner, Shawne Jackson, Wayne St. John, Doug Riley and Eric Robertson. Guest spots were usually accorded to up-and-coming Canadian groups, like April Wine, Lighthouse and Rush.

Keith Hampshire .... Host
Linda Silver .... Regular (Soul Company)
Dianne Brooks .... Regular (Soul Company)
Sharon Lee Williams .... Regular (Soul Company)
Harriet Cohen .... Regular (Zoo Factory)
Bruce Gordon .... Regular (Zoo Factory)
Dan Hennessey .... Regular (Zoo Factory)
Jerelyn Homer .... Regular (Zoo Factory)
John Stocker .... Regular (Zoo Factory)
Steve Kennedy .... Regular (Dr. Music)
Lisa dal Bello .... Regular
Roy Kenner .... Regular
Shawne Jackson .... Regular
Wayne St. John .... Regular
Doug Riley .... Regular
Eric Robertson .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Im dating myself here ands am new to this site but i sre remember waiting for this show to come on on sat nites. How do i get to listen to more,or see more?

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