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Katts and Dog
Season 1

Boy Meets Dog - (Sep 16, 1988) Hank Katts teams up with his new partner from the K-9 Corps, Rudy. Guest star: Ty Templeton, Guy Sanvido, Bruce Ramsay, John Pyper-Ferguson, Anne-Marie MacDonald, Corrine Koslo, Michael Kirby, Phillip Jarrett, Michael Fletcher, Claire Cellucci, Wally Bolland, Peter Van Wart

Best Friends - (Sep 23, 1988) An officer plans revenge after his canine partner is killed. Guest star: Chris Benson, Maruska Stankova, Tom Melissis, Weston McMillan, David McKnight, Kenner Ames, Ellen Maguire, Anne-Marie MacDonald, Joseph Griffin, Lucy Filippone

Dogged Pursuit - (Sep 30, 1988) Rudy and Hank are separated after responding to an alarm and surprising robbers in the act. Guest star: Richard Zeman, Maria Ricossa, Justin Louis, Corrine Koslo, Elena Kudaba, Paul Horruzey, Susannah Hoffman, Martin Donlevy, Wally Bondarenko, John Kozak (D'Angelo), Tim Lee

Code of Honor - (Oct 14, 1988) One of Hank's fellow officers shoots and kills an unarmed drug dealer. Guest star: Norma Dell'Agnese, Lane White, Vincent Marino, John Fox, David B. Nichols (Sam McLaine), Wayne Fleming, Michael Dyson.

A Catered Affair - (Oct 21, 1988) Hank places his family in danger when he rescues a debutante during a jewel heist. Guest star: David Gardner (Horace Anderson), Robert Bidaman, Catherine Disher (Katherine Anderson), Kevin Rushton, James Rankin, Branko Racki, Gaston Poon, Brooke Palmer, James O'Regan, Mark Lewis, Paul Eves, Raymond Accolas, Jed Dixon

Birds of a Feather - (Oct 28, 1988) Rudy becomes involved in a dog-napping adventure and risks his life to protect the dog he loves. Guest star: Gordon Clapp (Wayne), Janet Bailey, Kim Coates (Garrett).

The Striptease Bank Robber - (Nov 4, 1988) Hank searches for a bank robber who is eluding the police. Guest star: Jessica Booker, Graham McPherson, Anita Olanick, Gerry Quigley, Victoria Snow (Virginia), Stella Sprowell

Hostages - (Nov 11, 1988) Maggie and Stevie are held hostage in a hospital. Guest star: Brian Crabb, Dora Dainton, Clark Johnson (Lennie), Dee McCafferty, Frank Moore (Captain Moffat), James O'Regan, Nicholas Pasco, Roland Rothchild, Maria Vacratsis, Jonathan Wise

Race Against Time - (Nov 18, 1988) Rudy and Hank race against the clock while searching for an infected laboratory rat. Guest star: Zachary Bennett (Danny), Bruce Clayton, James B. Douglas, David Huband, Bruce Hunter, Robert Scott, Dixie Seatle (Danny's Mom)

Diamonds - (Nov 25, 1988) Hank continues his investigation despite being suspended for involvement in a diamond robbery. Guest star: Paul Brown, Stuart Clow, Joyce Gordon, Doug Hughes, Neil Munro (Sammy Spears), Paul Soles (Harry Altman), Christina Trivett (Violet), Catherine Vaneri, Elias Zarou (Eddie Bernard)

Kids Just Want to Have Fun - (Dec 2, 1988) Bobby, Stevie's friend, is addicted to drugs and Hank and Stevie must save him. Guest star: Patricia Idlette, Eric Keenleyside, Richard Mills, Tara Strong, Louis Tripp, Nicolas Van Burek (Bobby Stone), Lee-Max Walton, Noam Zylberman

Princess Rosa - (Dec 9, 1988) An eccentric bag lady witnesses a murder while Hank and Rudy find themselves chasing aliens. Princess Rosa: Charmion King.

Protective Custody - (Dec 16, 1988) Bringing in the Christmas cheer produces a different task for Hank and Ruby as they try to conceal a witness who awaits trial. Guest star: Tom Harvey

Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil - (Jan 13, 1989) Hank and Rudy uncover a drug smuggling scam when a supposedly dead Vietnamese gentleman springs out of his coffin at the scene of a traffic mishap. Guest star: Mary Ann Coles.

Comedy of Errors - (Jan 20, 1989) Stevie and Rudy are obliged to run away and join a mobile theatre troupe when they are mistaken for a pair of lookalike street thieves.

The Hit - (Jan 27, 1989) The father of a street punk accidentally killed during a drug bust puts a $50,000 bounty on Rudy's head. Bob Watson: Miguel Fernandez.

Scotty's Law - (Feb 3, 1989) A visit from his late brother's partially paralyzed ex-partner reminds Hank of painful feelings associated with his brother's death.

What If I Wasn't a Cop - (Feb 17, 1989) A bullet wound leaves Hank temporarily blinded—and ambivalent about his and Rudy's future as members of the K-9 squad. Guest star: Jed Dixon

The Chateau - (Feb 24, 1989) While on vacation in France, Stevie and his grandmother get mixed up in a murder plot— and unknowingly draw Hank and Rudy into danger.

The Orchid and the Lady - (Mar 3, 1989) A terrorist disguised as a reporter plants a bomb in a prize orchid Murdoch plans to present at an international summit meeting.

The Candidate - (Mar 10, 1989) A cunning political aspirant uses the K-9 Corps as a publicity tool—only to wind up a hostage of an insane prison escapee at police headquarters.

Murder She Sang - (Mar 17, 1989) Hank, Stevie, Rudy and Alice attend a murder party.

Season 2 (22 Episodes)

Freeze - (Sep 23, 1989) Stevie loses his confidence after neglecting to get involved at the scene of a crime. Guest star: Stephen Black, Robert Morelli, Michael J. Reynolds

Hot Under the Collar - (Sep 30, 1989) Rudy goes undercover to crack down on a mob leader. Guest star: Alan Jordan, James Purcell, David Nerman, Trevor Bain, Santino Buda, Nathaniel Moreau, Chris Mann, Stuart Stone (Buddy)

A Family Affair - (Oct 21, 1989) Guest star: Jan Rubes (Mr. Katz), Susan Douglas Rubes (Mrs. Katz), Lawrence Bayne, Scott Spidell, Al Bernardo, Anthony Audin, Ho Chow

12 Cops and a Baby - (Oct 28, 1989) On the day the mayor is slated to visit, the station inherits an abandoned baby. Guest star: Richard M. Davidson (Mr Gordon), Ron Sarosiak, Micah Barnes, Michael Beattie, Roger Dunn, Pauline Gillis, Rod Hofferman, Christina Kaufman, Brian Kaulback, Lorraine Landry, Michael Perrolta, Al Therrien, Terri Hawkes

Decoy - (Nov 4, 1989) Renee joins the K9 unit to observe and goes undercover to find a serial killer who meets his victims walking their dogs in the park. Guest star: Chuck Shamata (Det. Logan), Paul Hubbard, Laura Bruneau, Trevor Bain, Howard Kruschke, Brian Furlong, John Curtis, Christina Marie Kaufman

The Gun - (Nov 11, 1989) Stevie plans to avenge his father's death when the gun used in that crime turns up in another case. Guest star: Michael Rudder, Denise Fergusson, James Kidnie, J.R. Zimmerman, Roy Lewis

Lost and Found - (Dec 2, 1989) When Rudy is injured, Hank winds up in big trouble after tracking a criminal alone. Guest star: Alfred E. Humphreys, Michael Caruana, Benjamin Barrett, Marlow Vella, Jeff Grantham, Trevor Bane, Ray Landry, Cathy Kinsman, Dick Grant, Alex Laurier, Madeline Atkinson

Double Exposure - (Dec 9, 1989) When Hank's date is arrested for robbery, she uses the perfect alibi: she was with a cop at the time. Guest star: Laura Robinson (Eve), Jeff Grantham, Allan Stuart Coates, John Bayliss, Tricia Williams, Branko Racki

A Killer Among Us - (Jan 6, 1990) A teenager, recently befriended by Hank, becomes involved in a criminal scheme. Guest star: Marc Worden (Julio Kowalski), Lindsay Merrithew, Deborah Lobban, David Healey

Officer Down - (Jan 13, 1990) Rudy is wounded in an ambush and Hank vows to catch the assaillant. Guest star: Dale Wilson, Ella Joycer, Ann-Marie MacDonald (Dr Jane Quinn), Tommy Earlls, Philip Williams

Jail Bait - (Jan 20, 1990) Renee goes undercover to get close to a cop killer's girlfriend. Guest star: Lenore Zann, Claudette Roach, Diana Hollingsworth, Peter Van Wart, Santino Buda, William Croati, Roger McKeen, Diana Roland, Maggie Huculak

Mistaken Identity - (Jan 27, 1990) Hank is abducted after being mistaken as a mob swindler. Guest star: Peter Krantz, Stever Mosseau, Kay Howtrey, Shawn Ashmore, John Vallis, Carey Shearer, Boyd Coons, Caroline Lamb

Don't Drink the Water - (Feb 3, 1990) Stevie and Rudy discover illegal toxic dumping. Guest star: Muray Crunchley, Richard Fitzpatrick, Elias Zarou, Malika Mendes, Alex Fallis, Stuart Stone (Buddy)

The Chameleon - (Feb 10, 1990) Hank and Rudy try to stop an assassin from killing a crusading union leader. Guest star: Jim Bearden, John Friesen, Francois D'Aubigny (The Chameleon), Steve Pernie, Craig Eldridge, Liza Hocura, Thomas Anderson-Baker, Rick Riding, Billy Cody

Day of Jeopardy - (Feb 17, 1990) Hank and Rudy encounter trouble while protecting a trial witness. Guest star: Catherine Disher, Maurice Godin, Peter Snider, Markus Parilo, Mary Harvey, Jefferson Maupin

Fatal Obsession - (Feb 24, 1990) Griff Lewis is an actor who's latest production is being threatened. He stays at the Katts' while Hank tries to find who's behind the threats. Guest star: Brent Stait, Michael Rhoades, Richard Sali, Christina M Kaufman, Catherine Swing, Chris Potter (Griff Lewis), Betty Kennedy (Scotty McKnight)

Desperate Sunday - (Mar 3, 1990) Crooks break into K-9 headquarters in search of confiscated evidence. Guest star: Von Flores, Betsy Soo, Daniel Dion, Drake Arden, Bill Lake.

A Ride Into Danger - Renee is abducted in an attempt to sway her father's testimony at an upcoming trial. Guest star: François Montagut (Remi), Nicholas Vogel (Daumier), Jean-Paul Solal (Dalfort), Serge Feuillard (Steiner), Gerard Manzetti (Gerard), Pierre Mourad Mansouri (Hassan), Fouad Njeim (Ahmed). (Mar 10, 1990)

Diplomatic Immunity - (Mar 17, 1990) Hank, Stevie and Rudy travel to Paris to train that city's K-9 unit. Guest star: Nicholas Vogel (Daumier), Jean-Paul Solal (Dalfort), Louba Guertchikoff, Nabil Massad, Fouad Njeim (Ahmed), Pierre Mourad Mansouri (Hassan), Alexandra de Cuizeau, Genevieve Omini, Janine Manats, Francois Devesque, Serge Roffin, Sergi Feuillard (Steiner).

Scent of Evil - (Mar 24, 1990) Rudy tries to pick up the scent of thieves who've run off with the secret formula of a Parisian perfume manufacturer. Guest star: Michael Motu, Valerie Necheva, Jean Pierre Granet, Waguith Takla, Philippe Loffredo, Nicholas Hawtrey.

Lost Dog - (Mar 31, 1990) Stevie searches for Rudy and also becomes lost on the streets of Paris. Guest star: Jean-Paul Solal (Dalfort), Tanquy Goasdout, Janick de Lendos, Louba Guertchikoff, Brigitte Boucher, Jesse Joe Walsh, Ben Feitelson, Jacques Vincey.

The Grand Hotel Caper - (Apr 7, 1990) Hank has to put Stevie up at a posh hotel while investigating burglaries there. Guest star: Peter MacNeill (Callahan), Catriona McCall (Lydia), Michael Morris (Brennan), Suzanne Andrew, Carol Anderson, Sarah Eigerman, Bertie Cortez, Mary Beth McFadden, Robert Barr.

Season 3 (22 Episodes)

Father and Son - (Sep 15, 1990) After Hank is shot, he tries to adopt Stevie and is given a hard time by the officals. Guest star: Burns Proudfoot, Djanet Sears (Miss Perna), Oscar Hsu (Sammy Lo), Darryl Palmer, Tim Gammon, Jeff Grantham, George Touliatos (Nick Carvelos)

Love Me, Love My Dog - (Sep 22, 1990) Hank's new romance with a policewoman (Carolyn Dunn) is nearly blown away when she finds she's allergic to Rudy. Guest star: Rachel Kast, Santino Buda (Carlos), Carolyn Dunn (Caroline Raymond), Cliff Woolner

Friendly Persuasion - (Sep 29, 1990) An old friend of Hanks comes to town, but he doesn't tell Hank he's being chased by thieves that he was formerly partners with. Guest star: Wayne Best (David Butler), Brian Kaulback (Dennis), Robert Galbraith, Stan Coles, Darren Andrew, Lynne Cormack, Robert Morelli (Mr Trevor)

Count Your Blessings - (Oct 13, 1990) While witnessing a car theft, Ron (Dennis Akiyama) is paralyzed by a bullet, and it's up to Hank to restore his will to live. Guest star: Chris Gillett, Geraint Wyn Davies (Boswell), Sam Aaron (Dr: Janine Manatis), David Ferry, Heide Hatashita (Nicki Nakamora), Joe Griffin

Skyscraper - (Oct 27, 1990) A bomb threat leads Hank and Rudy along a twisted tale of revenge. Guest star: Brian Kaulback (Dennis), Glenda Richards, Christopher Menard, Marvin Karon, Chuck Shamata (Det. Logan), Frank Moore, Linda Griffiths (Wellsley)

Kidnapped - (Nov 3, 1990) Stevie's crush on a girl is interrupted when she's kidnapped by her estranged father. Guest star: Garwin Sanford, Kimberley Myles, Elizabeth Lennie, Fab Filippo, Bonnie Beck, Steven Andrade, Barry Kennedy, Rachel Blanchard (Sharon)

A Dog's Life - (Nov 17, 1990) Snipers train their sights on Rudy after gunning down a prisoner. Guest star: Devin O'Brien, Jeff Grantham, Trevor Bain, Ron Rubin, Maurice Godin.

A Day in the Country - (Nov 24, 1990) While on vacation in the country, the gang stumbles upon a dead man in the woods. Guest star: George Houston, Peter Ferri, Chris Benson, Richard Fitzpatrick, Monique Majica, Raoul Trujillo

Playing With Fire - (Dec 1, 1990) A young arsonist (Nathaniel Moreau) is framed for murder by his stepfather—and it's up to Hank to prove his innocence. Branden: Michael Rhoades.

And The Winner Is... - (Dec 22, 1990) A beauty pageant queen is found dead in the trunk of Hank's car. Guest star: Kim Huffman

On The Take - (aka: Do The Right Thing) (Jan 5, 1991) Hank and Renee are suspicious of Lou's secretive behavior. Guest star: Marc Worden

Endangered Species - (Jan 12, 1991) A rich man buys endangered animals stolen from the zoo for the thrill of hunting them.

Smokescreen - (Jan 19, 1991) Stevie and his classmates resor to extreme measures to shut down a polluting smokestack. Guest star: Sunny Besen Thrasher

Hard Choices - (Jan 26, 1991) A young man (Richard Chevolleau) must support his drug-abusing father after the man suffers a drug-related heart attack. Jeff: Clark Johnson.

Number One With A Bullet - (Feb 2, 1991) After an attempt is made on her life, a teenage rock star (Carol McCartney) turns to Hank for protection, but he soon suspects her story. Guest star: Catherine Bruhier

Heartburn - (Feb 9, 1991) Renee runs into an old boyfriend (Damir Andrei) and is both heartbroken and enraged when she realizes he is smuggling nerve gas out of the country.

The Fugitive - (Feb 16, 1991) Rudy takes to the streets in search of evidence to clear himself after he is wrongfully accused of murder. Guest star: Eric McCormack (David Baxter)

Spring Fever - (Mar 2, 1991) Stevie falls in love, but the object of his affections is more interested in Rudy. Guest star: Joseph Scoren

Double Cross - (Mar 9, 1991) Hank uncovers a multiple double-cross after a priceless icon is stolen.

Over The Hill Gang - (Mar 16, 1991) Three elderly bank robbers plan to buy a house with the stolen cash, but one has other ideas

36 Hours - (Mar 23, 1991) Attempts to locate a missing million from a bank robbery turn crazy when Hank is cuffed to a comedic con man (Martin Doyle).

Cops and Robbers - (Mar 30, 1991) Rudy leads other canine officers in rescuing Hank from transport trailer truck thieves.

Season 4

Penny From Heaven - (Nov 21, 1992) Hank falls for a woman who hides a secret that may threaten his life.

Gun Shy - (Nov 28, 1992) After being shot during a raid, Rudy freezes up on an assignment, almost costing Hank his life.

Fink - (Dec 12, 1992) Renee finds herself having to prove her own innocence when she turns in a fellow cop for pocketing drug money. Guest star: Maia Filar

Counterfeit Love - (Jan 2, 1993) While working under cover, Hank discovers the man he is after is the father of the woman he loves.

Just Say No - (Jan 9, 1993) An old friend of Hank's involves Stevie in a drug deal that nearly costs him his life. Guest star: Lindsay Merrithew (David Butler)

Blind Spot - (Jan 16, 1993) An explosion in an abandoned warehouse leaves Hank trapped under a mound of debris and Rudy blinded. Jay: Daniel Kash. Cleven: John Bourgeois. Frank Adamson.

Light At the End of the Tunnel - (Jan 23, 1993) Ron faces two gunmen alone when everyone at K-9 is out on an emergency call. Guest star: Frank Adamson, Jeremy Ratchford

What The Doctor Ordered - (Jan 30, 1993) When Renee is wounded, Hank is tempted to take the law into his own hands when he captures one of her assailants.

Relativley Speaking - (Feb 20, 1993) Hank and Steve befriend an elderly man who is being mentally and physically abused by his grandson

Operation: Ship of Fools - (Feb 27, 1993) A robbery turns out to be the cover for a kidnapping when Hank attends his class reunion. Caroline: Kelly Rowan.

Abused Child - (Mar 6, 1993) Rudy breaks the law in order to save a miniature horse who is being beaten by its owner. Guest star: Michael Mahonen (Norman Baker), Barbara Hamilton (Mrs. Baker)

Loose Cannon - (Mar 20, 1993) - Steve is torn over whether or not to turn in a classmate for his use of steroids.

All That Glitters - (Mar 27, 1993) - Hank and Ruby help the French police investigate a case involving murder and stolen jewels,

One Brown Shoe - (Apr 3, 1993) - A shoe is the only clue Hank and Rudy have to track down a suspected murderer.

Switch - (Apr 10, 1993) - Steve and Rudy try to rescue Hank and Renee who have been kidnapped by a ruthless terrorist.

Blind Faith - (Apr 17, 1993) Hank, Renee and Rudy race against the clock when Steve is taken hostage by an ex-mercenary to gain political leverage.

The Big Gun - (Apr 24, 1993) Hank, Renee and Rudy try to disarm a nuclear weapon when Europe is threatened by a paramilitary conspiracy.

Original Airdates Unknown:

By The Book - A new sergeant in the canine department creates friction. Phil Jarrett joins the cast as Sgt. Phillips.

Desperate Hours - The Katts' and Rudy are placed in danger when a police killer seeks refuge in their home. Guest star: Jed Dixon (Frank), Joanne Vannicola (Mariana)

Lethal Injection - Someone snatches Rinty from a parking lot.

Club Dead - Hank and Steve try a vacation, but find mystery instead.

Big Man On Campus - Stevie runs for office against a bully. Guest star: Alex Carter, Keram Malicki-Sanchez

Season 5
(A fifth season of episodes were taped, but these episodes do not appear to have aired on any Canadian stations. Episodes as follows:)

Boy Who Cried Wolf - Steve's habit of lying puts his life in jeopardy when he witnesses a murder. Guest star: David Hewlett, Michelyn Emelle, Stuart Stone (Buddy).

Hit and Run - Hank is victim of hit and run. Guest star: Nick Sheilds, Janine Manatis (Dr. Seusse), Norah Grant, Tanya Rich, Derek Robinson, Sean Sallows, David Watson

Attacked - Leah goes undercover when a friend is assaulted by a man she met while jogging.. Guest star: Jennifer Griffin (Officer McRae), Cynthia Belliveau (Claire Arnold), Markus Parilo, Jennifer Griffin, Christopher Bondy, Wayne Gregg, Alex Jeffries, Vivian Nichels

Bang, Bang, You're Dead - Hank and Renee attend war games that become real. Guest star: Clark Johnson, Linda Griffiths, Lloyd Adams, Richard Davidson, Reg Dreger, Paulina Gillis, Mark Terence.

Falling Out Among Thieves - Rudy helps track down bank robber while on vacation. Guest star: Lori Hallier (Valerie), Santino Buda (DeMears), Joel Wyner, David Ferry, Maureen Cassidy, John Healy, Alan Jordan, Frank McAnulty.

Under Siege - Hitmen hold the station hostage, Rudy and the other K9's attack. Guest star: Walt Burger, Michael Rhoades (Walt), Chris Owens, David Huband, Norah Grant

A Friendly Revenge - Dave kidnaps Rudy in a plan to set up Hank. Guest star: Lindsay Merrithew (Dave Butler), Rod Wilson, Edward Juantz.

Christmas Spirit - Hank receives a call from his agent and has to go leaving all the preparations for Christmas to Stevie. Guest star: Victoria Snow (Phantom), Peter Graham, Robert Bednarski, Conrad Bergschneider

Trapped - While chasing the criminal, Hank finds himself at an abandoned mine. After a landslide, Hank and the criminals are trapped in the mine. Guest star: Lawrence Dane, Tom Melissis, James Innes.

Dead On Arrival - The unknowns attack Hank nearby his house and give him an injection. They maintain that gave him a poison and he'll die in two days. They demand from him six kilos heroin in exchange for antidote. Guest star: Janine Manatis, Bret Pierson, Jamie Williams.

Crime of Fashion - Fashion designer murdered, Steve photographs it and is kidnapped. Guest star: Terri Hawkes, Bob Bainborough, Andrea Roth, Patrick Galligan, Dan Carrier, Norah Grant, Chuck Shamata (Detective Logan).

Reasonable Force - IA investigates charge of force against Hank and Rudy, Steve goes undercover. Guest star: Geoffrey Bowes, Nicholas Van Burek, Robert Bidaman, Steven Bednarski, Sean Sallows

Killing Ground - Steve helps Moroccan family victims of prejudice.. Guest star: Cara Pifko, Camilla Scott, David Hewlett, Garrett Bennett, Elias Zarou (Omar), David Nerman, Trevor Bain, Heidi Hatishita (Nicki Nakamora), Zoe Ludski, Brian Renfro, Al Logan: Chuck Shamata

Heartstrings - Liza, the baby adopted by Ron and Nicki is kidnapped by her birth mother. Guest star: Lynne Cormack (Roberta Perez), Chantal Craig, Chuck Shamata (Logan), John Pearson, Heidi Hatishita (Nicki Nakamora).

Decoy Ducks - Guest star: Gordon Michael Woolvett, Paul Boretski, Louise Vallance, Jeff Wood, Desmond Campbell.

Bounty Hunter - Hank's arrest gets complicated when a female bounty hunter is after the same man, and hijacks him from Hank. Guest star: Carol McCartney (Rose St. Marie), Martin Doyle (Melvin Lisgard), Paul Irving, Kim Nelles (Victim).

Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Hank and Stevie are taking prisoner by robbers trying to raise $30,000 to pay off a gambling debt. Guest star: Robyn Stevan (Daphne), Allan Clow, Kim Nelles (Victim).

Stage Mother - Steve befriends a girl being pushed into her mother's dream of Olympic ice skating. OC is promoted and Hank is made acting sergeant. Guest star: Lynne Cormack (Mrs Birchwood), Katie Griffin (Emily Birchwood), David Hemblen, Diane Douglass, Hans Engle, Stuart Stone (Buddy).

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