Kareen's Yoga (Series) (1971-1977)

Aka: Kareen's Yoga and Nutrition

Kareen was the first Yoga "TV-guru" in Canada to transform the hitherto "mysterious" HathaYoga into an accessible house-hold experience. Far from being just exercises, the 100 Yoga-asanas (poses) and their variations - all of them highly beneficial for different reasons - had one important element in common. They were not at all about achievement, but rather about an awareness of, and an "unfolding" into, the poses through the means of the breath.

Kareen Zebroff began teaching yoga at a hotel resort in Vancouver, then a guest appearance on a local program met with such favorable response she began her own show.

Kareen Zebroff....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I was 8 to probably 12 yrs old.
We got CTV in Buffalo area so..
there i was doing the positions and breathing with cute little Kareen and her adorable little hippy lisp.
she spoke in a way that made you feel everything in the world was ok and the future was gonna be great too....and RELAXING.
worked for me.
the flexibility really helped when I began to swim competitively.
I could touch my hands flat to the floor.
and touch my forehead to my knee.
wild stuff looking back.
so great to discover a site which speaks about her.
my mother was a little worried watching me do some of the poses.
thank the gods for Kareen!
a fan,

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