Just Ask, Inc. (Series) (1981)

Aka: Just Ask Incorporated

David Suzuki, a geneticist, was the best known popularizer of matters scientific in the Canadian mass media, and on Just Ask, Inc. he explored such problems as why people snore, why stars twinkle, why some cats are left-pawed, and other subjects in the areas of anatomy, nature, technology, and astronomy. Viewers were invited to write in with questions of their own, as the program tried to encourage children's curiosity.

David Suzuki's co-hosts were Lastra (February-March) and Ami (October-December), robots played by Joan Stuart and Luba Goy, respectively.

Often, questions were answered by having children demonstrate experiments on the set; young viewers were then encouraged to try the experiments at home.

Produced by Denise Duncan
Music by Bill Ivenuik
Animation by Neil McInnes

Luba Goy....Ami
Joan Stuart....Lastra
David Suzuki....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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