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The following is an incomplete listing of episodes for Junior Roundup.

Dec 12, 1960 - In The Friendly Giant, Friendly, Rusty and Jerome have fun in the castle, singing and playing familiar nursery rhymes. Host Murray Westgate has a film from Ottawa. Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton talk to another boy or girl somewhere in Canada, on Telephone Quiz. The lucky winner will receive a grand prize of a Junior Encyclopedia Brittanica. A studio audience of boys and girls will have a chance to take part in various contests, and special guests will add to the fun.

Dec 13, 1960 - Maggie Muggins. Today is Violet Skunk's birthday and Maggie, Fitz, Reuben and Grandmother Frog have chipped in to buy her a present. But Fitz takes the money and goes to buy a present by himself. He gets a lovely purse but plays a trick by putting it into a cheese box. Everyone thinks he has selfishly bought his own favourite food for Violet, but they are ashamed when they learn they have misjudged him. Host Murray Westgate brings us from Montreal, "This Living World" with Steve Bloomer, examining moths and butterflies. The program looks at two important kinds of North American moths, their life cycle, their characteristics, and how they are protected by nature. From Toronto, John Lunn of the Royal Ontario Museum shows us the museum and tells us its story.

Dec 14, 1960 - Friendly Giant — Friendly reads a story book, "The Things I Like," and Rusty and Jerome talk about familiar, everyday things that they especially like. With host Murray Westgate—From Winnipeg—"The Outrider," songs and tales of the West, with Stu Phillips. From Halifax—the Indian legend, "Big Magwis and Little Magwis"—how the greedy Big Magwis tricked the Little Magwis out of his wigwam and possessions; how Glooscaps helped Little Magwis to success again; and how big Magwis was finally destroyed by his greed. From Toronto—a look at the trombone and the tuba, with guest musicians. Examples of types of music Tail-Gate Jazz, marching jazz, and some classical music.

Dec 15, 1960 - Just Mary—Just Mary tells the story of "Monkeys and Measles." Annie Jo has the measles, and the doctor gives her some magic medicine. Her spotted elephant takes her to the circus where he used to live, and there they meet Jocko, a mischievous monkey who plays jokes on other animals. She has the measles, and this helps her to play a joke on Jocko. She gives him her measles, and he soon learns that practical jokes aren't so funny after all. With host Murray Westgate—A special half-hour edition of "This is Young Canada"—a visit to places and young people across Canada. This edition is about winter. Outdoor activities are seen in the following items: "Banff Ski School," "Boy Scouts Winter Survival Camp," "Learning to Climb Mountains," "A Family Outing to Grenadier Pond" (in High Park, Toronto), "Banff Hot Springs," "Training a Husky Dog Team" (Sudbury, Ont), "A Ski Trip Up Mount White-horn" (Lake Louise), "Ste. Agathe Winter Carnival." There are things to do indoors when the weather is bad: "Soap Carving," "Learning to Paint" (A Montreal class), "Ceramics" (with master potter, Josef Guetter), "Saturday Art" (Vancouver), "Cats Cradles in Baffin Island" (a game the Eskimos play), and "Jampot Curling" (Winnipeg).

Dec 16, 1960 - The Friendly Giant concerns himself with snowflakes, their many different and beautiful shapes. Children are sledding on the hills near the farm, there is a snowman nearby, and a snow plow is clearing the road. Friendly and Rusty admire Jerome's collection of snowflakes in the Big Blue Book. Host Murray Westgate presents from Vancouver, another adventure with the crew of the Flying Kestrel on "Tidewater Tramp." This week's story is "The Portable TV." From Toronto, Junior Roundup News presents events at home and abroad of interest to youngsters.

Dec 26, 1960 - Friendly Giant. Rusty got some toy soldiers for Christmas and he and Jerome play with them. Friendly reads the story, "Once There Was A General." Host Murray Westgate presents another film from Ottawa. Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton conduct another quiz, with a boy and a girl somewhere in Canada, competing for the grand prize. A studio audience of boys and girls participate in the telequiz.

Dec 27, 1960 - Maggie Muggins. Maggie and her friends are putting on a play, about going west to look for gold. Fitzgerald and his "mother," Grandmother Frog, set out in a covered wagon, with Benny Bear, as a scout. In a snow storm, Benny gets lost, and die horses wander away. On foot, Fitz and "Ma" set out across the mountain. But there is a landslide, and they are almost buried. A good Indian, Reuben Rabbit, comes along and digs them out. And they discover gold on the spot.
From Montreal, host Murray West-gate presents "This Living World," with Steve Bloomer; the Everglades, in the southern tip of Florida. A swampy jungle, which abounds with life, but holds many dangers for its inhabitants and for men who venture into it. From Toronto—John Lunn from the Royal Ontario Museum gives another look backstage at the museum.

Dec 28, 1960 - Friendly Giant. Rusty has a book called, "Now This, Now That." It points out that things often look like one thing from one angle, and like another thing from a different angle. Friendly, Rusty and Jerome find this an interesting topic of conversation. From Halifax, host Murray West-gate presents the Micmac Indian legend: "Glooscap the Peacemaker" — wars between the Micmacs and the Mohawks, and how Glooscap advised Wejebok on war strategy, thus saving his wife and bringing peace. From Winnipeg — "The Outrider" with Stu Phillips: ballads and tales of the old West. Stu tells the story entitled The Lamplighter in which he recalls his boyhood days when he took the job as the town lamplighter and the humorous difficulties he encountered. Songs: Take Me Back To Colorado, The Blue Tail Fly and The Little Green Valley. From Toronto—A close look at a trumpet and a French horn. Murray's guests will be musicians, who will demonstrate these instruments.

Dec 29, 1960 - Just Mary. This is the last of the "Just Mary" series. The story of "Little Good Arrow." A little Indian boy named Nothing Yet, ashamed of his name, sets out to hunt. His father, the chief, promises him a feather for every animal he brings back. He meets several animals, but each is happy and busy or has some good reason why he should be allowed to live. Little Nothing Yet hasn't the heart to kill them, so he comes back empty-handed. But his father decides that he has earned the name, Little Good Arrow. Host Murray Westgate presents a program dealing with horses and dogs. A film, "Trotting Horses," and guest, a trotting driver, who will demonstrate sulky equipment. A film on "Training Dogs," and guest, a police constable, who will bring with him a trained police dog. Also two short films, "Prize Husky Team of Canada," and "Learning How To Ride."

Dec 30, 1960 - Friendly Giant. Since the New Year is about have a Birthday Party, Rusty and Jerome are going to have a party, with noise makers. Friendly reads the story, "All the Mice Came," which is about a surprise party for some mice. From Vancouver—host Murray West-gate presents "Tidewater Tramp," another adventure of the crew of the Flying Kestrel, B.C. coastal ship. This week's episode: "The Ship's Concert" — When everyone on board the Flying Kestrel try to put on a special performance for New Year's, a quarrel between Cook and Moffat spoils things. Gail and Peter put on an "act" which makes them see how silly they have been. From Toronto— "Junior Roundup" News Package — national and world events of interest to young people. More photographs will be shown and prize winners announced in the photography contest.

Apr 6, 1961 - Toby Tarnow will help conduct a debate.

May 8, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Angie and Fiddle visit and have a concert in the music room, with Friendly, Rusty and Jerome. They play a song with an echo. Host, Murray Westgate. Games and contests, with a studio audience of boys and girls. Dave Broadfoot, Jean Templeton and Frank Stalley conduct such contests as Telequiz, in which a boy or girl somewhere in Canada compete for a set of encyclopedia. The audience play a Whosit game, and home viewers are offered a chance to enter another Whatsit game. George Feyer creates his picture of the week, and Michael Roth entertains with magic.

May 9, 1961 - Maggie Muggins. Fitzgerald Fieldmouse has adapted the story of Puss-in-Boots, calling it Mouse-in-Boots. Fitz, Reuben, and Grandmother Frog play roles, acting out the story. Host, Murray Westgate. From Montreal, This Living World features Steve Bloomer. In Toronto, Eric Aldwinckle talks about mathematics.

May 10, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. There are things which are hard for some people to do, but easy for others. Friendly, Rusty and Jerome discuss this, and read a book, Is It Hard, Is it Easy? Host, Murray Westgate. In Halifax, Old Tom and the Shantymen have more sea songs and stories. Stu Phillips, The Outrider, brings more ballads and stories of the West from Winnipeg, telling about the sport of snaring sucker fish. Harry Freedman and musicians in Toronto describe different kinds of guitars and their uses in music.

May 11, 1961 - Sing Ring Around. Donna Miller and her friend Cheeky invite boys and girls at home to sing along with them and learn their musical dances and stories. They have dolls and toys to help them illustrate the songs, and they dance. Host, Murray Westgate. Hank Hedges and another guest tell how to collect and care for tropical fish. Bill Lorne brings another space report, and Eric Aldwinckle tells a ghost story. Otto Schwentke tells of his experiences when a weatherman for the Canadian government.

May 12, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Friendly reads a book. The Elephant's Wish, about how every animal wishes he were a different animal. Rusty, Jerome and Friendly look in on animals in cages at the zoo. Host, Murray Westgate. Another episode of Eyes West, the documentary about British Columbia, comes from Vancouver. Today, The Night They Shot Poor Nell, the story of a shooting that almost started a war between Canada and the United States. From Toronto, Frank Stalley brings us Your World This Week, a newscast of events interesting to young people. Murray and Frank read letters from the Roundup mailbag.

May 25, 1961 - Guests — Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster.

May 29, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Friendly, Rusty and Jerome talk about the wonders of Nature, especially how plants grow from tiny seeds. Friendly reads the book, The Carrot Seed. Host, Murray Westgate. Dave Broadfoot, Jean Templeton and Bill Lome help boys and girls at home and in the audience have fun with contests, games and prizes. A boy or girl somewhere in Canada competes for the grand prize of a set of encyclopedia on Telequiz. Winners of the, latest Whatsit contest are announced, and Dave and Jean have more groaners. Magician Michael Roth, cartoonist George Feyer and ventriloquist Ted Rust are others on the show. Dave Broadfoot, Jean Templeton and Michael Roth take part in an amusing skit in which they agree to stay over, night in Roth's "haunted house."

May 30, 1961 - Maggie Muggins. Shelley Turtle invites Maggie and friends to a party on the bottom of the meadow pond, not realizing that they cannot live underwater. Host, Murray Westgate. Steve Bloomer of Montreal brings another episode of This Living World. He looks at various groups of birds, such as woodpeckers, warblers and sparrows. Toronto photographer Paul Rockett talks about photography as a hobby, and criticizes pictures sent to him by young viewers.

May 31, 1961 - The Friendly Giant, It's sunrise on the farm, and a rooster crows when Friendly passes by on his way to the castle. Friendly reads a story called Lucy and Tom's Day. Host, Murray Westgate. From Halifax come sea songs and shanties with Old Tom and the Shantymen. Old Tom tells the tale about Albert Spinney's fabulous appetite. From Winnipeg, The Outrider, with Stu Phillips features more songs and stories of the West. Stu talks about the cowboy's bedroll, and tells some funny stories about camping. Then, in Toronto, Harry Freedman presents the music of the brass band.

Jun 1, 1961 - Sing Ring Around. Donna Miller and Cheeky invite boys and girls at home to sing along and play games. Host, Murray Westgate. The puppets of John and Linda Keogh are featured in music, dancing and other acts.

Jun 2, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Friendly passes a harbor where fishing boats are anchored. Then he reads the story of Emile, a friendly octopus. Host, Murray Westgate. Eyes West brings another story of life in British Columbia. Today, the logging industry, past and present, is reviewed. On Your World This Week, another newscast of interest to young Canadians is presented.

Jun 5, 1961 - The Friendly Giant Rusty and Jerome welcome Angie and Fiddle for a concert in the music room of the castle. Host, Murray Westgate. Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton help boys and girls, at home and in the studio audience, play games and contests, then they do a baseball skit. Michael Roth does a "magic" commercial, and cartoonist George Feyer draws his picture of the week. Special guests are the Williams Brothers, comedy team.

Jun 6, 1961 - Maggie Muggins. Fitzgerald Field-mouse's latest plan is to become a "human fly" and ride a motorcycle up a wall. Host, Murray Westgate. From Montreal, Steve Bloomer brings "This Living World." He shows many creatures of this world, and their tools for survival. In Toronto, Eric Aldwinckle talks about the life of man in ancient times.

Jun 7, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Friendly reads a story to Rusty and Jerome.. All About Dogs. Dogs, Dogs. Host. Murray Westgate. From Halifax, sea songs and shanties with Old Tom and The Shantymen. Old Tom demonstrates life-saving equipment. and tells the true story of a shipwreck that took place 160 years ago. In Winnipeg. The Outrider. Stu Phillips tells of a minor tragedy in a small country town. In Toronto, Harry Freedman introduces more musical instruments.

Jun 8, 1961 - Sing Ring Around. Donna Miller and Cheeky invite boys and girls at home to sing along with them. Host, Murray Westgate. A special space report. Guest is pantomimist Rudi Linschoten. Eric Aldwinckle tells a ghost story.

Jun 9, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Friendly reads a story, the ABC Bunny. Host, Murray Westgate. Eyes West brings another documentary about British Columbia. Your World This Week is another newscast of interest to boys and girls. Murray reads and answers letters from the Roundup mailbag.

Jul 6, 1961 - A recent visit of an Indonesian dance and musical troupe in Ottawa is featured.

Jul 10, 1961 - Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton visit a boys' camp in Muskoka; Friendly Giant repeats for summer begin (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Jul 13, 1961 - The Children's Corner, a new puppet show featuring American puppeteer Fred Rogers.

Jul 17, 1961 - Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton visit Camp Pine Crest, Ont.

Jul 24, 1961 - Murray Westgate, Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton visit Camp Gay Venture, Ont.

Aug 1, 1961 - Maggie Muggins- Fitz, Reuben and Benny Bear go on a television quiz program. (A repeat). Don Crowdis in Halifax looks at animals in shells. From Montreal comes another half-hour of Quebec folk-songs.

Aug 2, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Friendly makes a sand castle at the beach, and Friendly and Rusty later play "Green-sleeves". Special guest on Junior Roundup is Peter Stollery, a young man who travelled around the world. He shows pictures and slides taken on his journeys. Also, a film is shown, viewers sec a comic still-photo story, and Murray reads and answers letters from the Roundup Mailbag.

Aug 7, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Jerome mistakenly tries to "save a duck from drowning," and makes the duck angry. Then he splashes Rusty the Rooster with water, and Rusty becomes angry. Jerome wonders why some birds like water, and others dislike it, so Friendly explains. Dave Broadfoot, Jean Templeton and Murray visit a summer camp, White Pine, near Haliburton, Ont.

Aug 8, 1961 - Maggie Muggins- Mother Wind damages Fitzgerald's TV antenna, and when he goes up on the roof to fix it, he falls off, onto Mr. Tearful's pie wagon. Authentic folk-dances and songs once more come to us from Quebec, and from Vancouver, a documentary about whales.

Aug 9, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Rusty has baked a pie as a surprise for Jerome, and they read the book, Sing a Song of Sixpence. Murray shows a cartoon, The Owl and the Pussycat. Special guest is magician Michael Roth.

Aug 10, 1961 - Misterogers- More fun with American puppeteer and musician Fred Rogers. Donald Crowdis in Halifax, director of the Nova Scotia Museum of Sciences, talks about the star fish and some of his relatives. From Toronto comes a film, Garden of the Great Spirit.

Aug 10, 1961 - Donald Crowdis, director of the Nova Scotia Museum of Sciences, talks about the starfish and some of his relatives.

Aug 23, 1961 - How to throw a party; part two of Robinson Crusoe film.

Aug 24, 1961 - Jim Mitchell takes viewers rowing down the river; musician Fred Rogers introduces his puppets.

Sep 4, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Friendly reads the book, "The Things I Like," and he, Rusty and Jerome discuss things they fancy in particular. On the older children's segment, we visit the Canadian National Exhibition and interview young people connected with the Ex.

Sep 5, 1961 - Maggie Muggins- Maggie and her friends play school in the meadow. Let's Follow Jim- Host Jim Mitchell visits the projection booth of the Capitol Theatre in Winnipeg, and learns how to operate a movie projector. Dans Tous Les Cantons- A half hour of authentic French-Canadian folk songs and dances.

Sep 6, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Friendly, Rusty and Jerome have fun with riddles. Part 4 of an exciting feature film, Robinson Crusoe. A panel of boys and girls tell what they did this summer, and Murray reads more letters from the Roundup mailbag.

Sep 7, 1961 - Misterogers- More fun with Misterogers and his puppet friends. Guns and Ammunition- The story of a small boy, a large gun, and a dead bird.

Sep 11, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Friendly plays all his giant pipes, showing how they work and their differences. Rusty accompanies him on the harp and they play some familiar tunes. The Round-Up Gang- A second and final visit to Camp Gay Venture by Dave Broadfoot, Jean Templeton and Al Hamel.

Sep 12, 1961 - Maggie Muggins- Maggie and her meadow friends put on a nursery rhyme play. From Halifax- "Let's look at Fishing Again," a feature showing fishermen at .sea and in their villages mending boats and repairing their nets. From Montreal- A half-hour program of authentic French-Canadian folk songs and dances.

Sep 12, 1961 - Let's Look at Fishing, from Halifax; French-Canadian folk songs from Montreal.

Sep 13, 1961 - The Friendly Giant- Today Friendly, Rusty and Jerome talk about cows. Part five of the Robinson Crusoe film; some interesting information about balloons; special guest is Ross Snetsinger

Sep 14, 1961 - Misterogers- More fun with Misterogers and his friends, featuring American puppeteer and musician Fred Rogers. From Vancouver- A film on barrel making. From Winnipeg- End of an Age, the story of the gradual change from steam to diesel engines on the CPR.

Sep 25, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Rusty, Friendly and Jerome look at all kinds of clocks.

Sep 26, 1961 - Maggie Muggins. The case of the missing butter tarts mystifies Maggie and hot meadow friends. Fitz, wants to paint his house, so to raise the money he has a food sale, but someone steals the butter tarts. A Bus Trip. Host Jim Mitchell learns to operate a Winnipeg Transit bus. Bracken Palaminos. About an Ottawa man who raises palamino horses. Fancy Sausage Making. A film from Vancouver on sausage manufacturing.

Sep 27, 1961 - The Friendly Giant. Rusty feels very sad today so Friendly and Jerome try and cheer him up with pictures of animals in his scrap-book. Murray Westgate. Celia Franca is interviewed by two young girls who ask questions about Miss Franca's career as a ballerina. Hank Hodges shows how some animals protect themselves by taking along a skunk with them. Cartoonist George Feyer tells a cartoon story about a man annoyed by his neighbours. A film about Arabian horses.

Sep 28, 1961 - Misterogers. Today is the birthday of King Friday—the wooden bird on a stick. As everyone is invited to the castle for the party they want to take along a present. When Donna Miller finds herself within the neighbourhood of 17 1/2 nice thoughts she finally decides to knit the bird a tail cover. Host Bill Lome. A look at some salt water fish, the pollock, flounder, sculpin and eel. Homeward Bound. A film from Vancouver showing the life of the west coast salmon.

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