Junior Roundup (Series) (1960-1961)

Aka: Bantam Roundup; Roundup Goes Camping

Junior Roundup
Junior Roundup was a children's program involving CBC production centres across the country. It was designed for children from 9 to 14 years of age, and featured actor Murray Westgate as host.

The 45-minute program, seen each weekday, put the accent on "good fun" and a variety of children's interests. It was preceded by 15 minutes of programming for young children (ages 4 to 7) — Friendly Giant, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; Maggie Muggins on Tuesdays, and Just Mary on Thursdays.

Junior Roundup offered different fare each day. On Mondays, groups of Toronto school children were brought to the studio to participate in games and contests. A long distance quiz allowed children across the country to take part as well. The comedy team of Dave Broadfoot and Jean Templeton assisted Westgate on the Monday shows. The highlight of the Tuesday show was a segment on space, with Percy Saltzman, a Toronto meteorologist and TV interviewer. The same day, John Lund of the Royal Ontario Museum delved into the "science of history," using museum exhibits for illustration. A segment of cowboy and folk music of the Old West came from Winnipeg every Wednesday, and Halifax presented a series on the East Coast Indian. Live concerts and ballet shared the Thursday programs with feature movies of special interest to children. A Friday feature was Your World This Week, a filmed news report especially for child viewers. Programs of past seasons, such as This Living World (Montreal) and Tidewater Tramp (Vancouver) had regular spots in the Junior Roundup format. The former was seen on Tuesdays, and the latter, a children's serial, on Fridays.

Murray Westgate .... Host
Dave Broadfoot
John Lunn
Stu Phillips
Percy Saltzman
Jean Templeton
Paul Rockett
Harry Freedman
Eric Aldwinckle

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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