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Junior Roundup

TV's Big Daddy

From the Winnipeg Free Press Mar 4, 1961

To many of his young fans across Canada, CBC-TV's Junior Roundup host Murray Westgate is the smiling service station man" on Saturday night hockey telecasts.

As Junior Roundup's "head man," Westgate is seen on this children's show five days a week on the CBC-TV network.

"The kids knew me as the service station attendant even before the afternoon show started last October," he says. "My dual role doesn't seem to bother them."

Starring each week with a program of games and contests, Westgate considers Monday "the liveliest day of the week — because we have about 50 children in the studio, pupils from a Toronto public school."

Although he is in Toronto, Westgate introduces segments of Junior Roundup from such distant points as Montreal, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver.

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