Junior Magazine (Series) (1955-1962)

Aka: Children's Magazine; Holiday Edition; Summer Magazine

Junior Magazine
Junior Magazine actually began as Children's Magazine on Sept. 25, 1955. By Dec. 4 the title changed to Junior Magazine.

A sixty minute digest of information and entertainment for young viewers, Junior Magazine presented a selection of short film features and interviews each week. Host John Clark introduced ten minute films on a variety of subjects, but particularly on travel and on family life in foreign lands.

Over time, the format became more elaborate, and used a series of correspondents in different regions. The program also included weekly instalments of such Walt Disney productions as Treasure Island and Long John Silver. Further innovations the next year included the development of a panel game and a spot for new talent, called "This Is Young Canada."

A summer replacement for Junior Magazine, Holiday Edition presented a number of items, including interviews, cartoons, and films on nature and other activities in Canada each week.

Summer Magazine replaced Junior Magazine for the summers of 1957, 1958 and 1962. The program combined film and live material and was produced in Toronto. Programs in the 1962 series had a different host each week.

Louis Applebaum
Leslie Bell
John Clark .... Host (1955-1958)
Lorraine Green
Garrick Hagon .... Host (1959-1960)
Hank Hedges
James McCarthy
Doug Maxwell
Roberta Maxwell .... Host (1957-1958)
Frank Rodwell
Fred Rogers
Michael Roth .... Magician (1960-1961) (Holiday Edition)
Paul Saltzman
Valerie Siren
Ross Snetsinger .... Host (1960-1962)
Toby Tarnow .... Host (1960-1961) (Holiday Edition)
Patrick Watson .... Host
Norman Welsh .... Host (1961-1962)
David Wright .... Host (1957) (Summer Magazine)
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