Juliette (Series) (1956-1966)

Aka: The Juliette Show

Like Holiday Ranch, Don Messer's Jubilee, and Country Hoedown, Juliette's show employed a strict and extremely modest programming format. The basic set represented the star's living room, and the repetition from week to week of a pattern that conveyed easy familiarity to her audience. Although a showy platinum blonde, she dressed with more show than glamour, in what was once called "party dress" style. (Over time, and with higher budgets, she gained more glitz.) The program also featured appearances from guest singers from Canada and the U.S.A. In the final season, the program's format changed radically. More emphasis was put on the guests, with a feature called "This Week," in which young and established performers made brief appearances and plugged their current concert or nightclub dates.

Juliette .... Host
Bobby Gimby .... Regular (1956-?)
George Murray .... Regular (1956-1957)
Roy Roberts .... Regular (1957-1958)
Ken Steele .... Regular (1958-1959)
Rick Stainsby .... (Four Romeos) (1959-1965)
Alex Ticknovich .... (Four Romeos) (1959-1965)
Vern Kennedy .... (Four Romeos) (1959-1965)
John Garden .... (Four Romeos) (1959-1965)
Sylvia Wilson .... (The Four Mice) (1960-?)
Frances Groat .... (The Four Mice) (1961-?)
Jamie Apy .... (The Four Mice) (1961)
Carol Hill .... (The Four Mice) (1960-?)
Angela Antonelli .... (The Four Mice) (1960-1961)
Diane Gibson .... (The Four Mice) (1960-1961)
Art Hallman Singers .... (1965-1966)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Don't really remember watching this ,strongest memory of my mother always saying she couldn't stand her lol !

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