Episode Guide - Joan Fairfax Show, The (Series) (1959-1960)

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Jul 6, 1959 - Singer Joan Fairfax and an all-girl orchestra welcome guests singer Dino Vale, dancers Don Gillies and Connie Campbell, and the Van Dorn Sisters, a singing trio.

Jul 13, 1959 - Joan Fairfax headlines with the vocal trio The Van Dorn Sisters, and an 11-piece ail-girl orchestra. Male guest is Norman Brooks.

Jul 20, 1959 - Marian McPartland, pianist, will be a guest. Other guests will be Canadian singer Ken Steele, new singing quartet The Playboys, and the Van Dorn Sisters.

Jul 27, 1959 - Joan Fairfax's guest will be Denny Vaughan.

Aug 3, 1959 - The guests on the Joan Fairfax show are dancers Irene Apine and Jury Gotshalks.

Aug 10, 1959 - The guests are the Van Dorn sisters and the dance team of Tink Robinson and Bernie Boyd.

Aug 17, 1959 - Wally Koster will be the guest.

Aug 24, 1959 - Joan Fairfax welcomes Allan Blye on her show.

Aug 31, 1959 - Wally Koster will be the guest.

Sep 21, 1959 - Allan Blye is the guest.

Sep 28, 1959 - The guests are Ray Wheaton Marlowe, and pianist Bill Butler.

Oct 18, 1959 - Don Gerrard and Peter Appleyard are the guests.

Oct 25, 1959 - The guests are Jack Duffy, the Jimmy Namaro group, and dancers Alan and Blanche Lund.

Nov 1, 1959 - Guests are Tommy Hunter, the Rhythm Pals and Wally Traugott.

Nov 8, 1959 - Guests are the Taylor twins, dancers, and pianist Bill Butler.

Nov 15, 1959 - Singers Allan Blye and Jimmy Hannah will be guests.

Nov 22, 1959 - The Travellers, a group of Canadian Folk Singers, are guests. Also appearing on the show is Donna Grescoe, Winnipeg-born violinist, and singer Zack Matalon.

Nov 29, 1959 - The Joan Fairfax Show will have an Oriental theme. The program includes the Chinese dragon dance with special guests dancer-choreographer Charlotte de Neve and singers Bill Cole, Betty Young and Roy Pasano.

Dec 13, 1959 - Guests are singer Ken Steele, the Hagood Hardy Quartet and Chicho Valle's Cuban orchestra.

Dec 20, 1959 - Guests are the St. Michael's Choir of Toronto, conducted by Rt. Rev. J.E. Roman. Dancers Alan and Blanche Lund will perform a skaters' ballet in a Currier and Ives setting.

Dec 27, 1959 - Theme of the show is 1959 in review. Guests are Tommy Common, Bill Butler, Lister Sinclair and George Feyer.

Jan 3, 1960 - Guests are Jack Duffy, comedian; the Maury Kaye Quartet and the writer-cartoon team of Lister Sinclair and George Feyer.

Jan 10, 1960 - Guests are pianist Paul De Margerie and singer Kim Irwin.

Jan 17, 1960 - Guests are folk singer Brian Beaton, singer Tommy Hunter and pianist Rudy Toth.

Jan 24, 1960 - Joan Fairfax will greet guests Jean Paquin, a Montreal singer, and the Hagood Hardy Quartet.

Jan 31, 1960 - Guests are Toronto stage and television actor George Creley and singer Roy Roberts.

Feb 7, 1960 - Guests are the Jimmy Namaro Trio, instrumentalists, and folk singer-guitarist Brian Beaton.

Feb 14, 1960 - Joan Fairfax greets guests singer Bob Goulet, pianist Paul De Margerie and the cartoonist-writer team of George Freyer and Lister Sinclair.

Feb 21, 1960 - Guests are baritone Murray Gildkind, the Alf Coward Quartet, an instrumental group and Montreal cartoonist and entertainer Norman Hudon.

Feb 28, 1960 - Guest is actor-singer Don Francks.

Mar 6, 1960 - A special salute to the Edwardian period. Guest will be song and dance man Frank Blanch.

Mar 13, 1960 - Joan Fairfax will feature as guest on her St. Patrick's Day show Carmel Quin, Irish singer of the Arthur Godfrey and Jack Paar shows.

Mar 20, 1960 - Guests are singer-comedian Jack Duffy and the dancing Taylor Twins.

Mar 27, 1960 - Singer Joan Fairfax with the Alan Lund dancers and orchestra conducted by Samuel Hersenhoren. Joan's guests are Tommy Hunter and the Rhythm Pals.

Apr 3, 1960 - The Joan Fairfax Show will feature Tommy Common, singer, and Paul de Margerie, pianist.

Apr 10, 1960 - Jack Creley and Peter Appleyard are guests.

Apr 24, 1960 - Folk singer Allan Mills is the guest.

May 8, 1960 - Ralph Richards and the Jimmy Namaro Trio are guests

May 15, 1960 - French-Canadian singer Jean Cavall, Winnipeg vocalist Georges La Fleche, and Jazz pianist Maury Kaye and his instrumental group will be guests.

May 22, 1960 - Brendan O'Dowda, Irish balladeer and British TV star, will make his North American debut as the guest.

May 29, 1960 - Vibraphonist Peter Appleyard and actor Barry Morse are the guests.

Jun 5, 1960 - Ralph Williams will be the guest

Jun 12, 1960 - The guests are the Billy Van Four, a new vocal group, and Brian Terry, harmonica player.

Jun 19, 1960 - With vocalist-pianist-dancer Joan Fairfax, Samuel Hersenhoren's orchestra, the Alan Lund Dancers, and guests. From Toronto. Today: Joan presents an Italian show with special guests, singer Ron Nelson and singer-accordionist Matt De Florin and his instrumental group.

Jun 26, 1960 - Joan's guest is Bob Goulet and the show pays a birthday tribute to composer Richard Bodgers.

Jul 10, 1960 - Singer Tommy Common, actor Jack Creley and the Billy Van Four vocal group will be the guests.

Jul 17, 1960 - On the final Joan Fairfax Show of the season Joan welcomes special guests Alan and Blanche Lund, and the cartoonist-writer team of George Feyer and Lister Sinclair.

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