Episode Guide - Jerry Lester Show, The (Series) (1963-1964)

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Sep 21, 1963 - Canadian singer Ruth Walker will be a guest star. Miss Walker will sing a medley: If I Cried For You, After You've Gone, and Chicago. William Walker, a baritone sings Ever I Should Leave You and Call The Wind Maria. Comedians Adam Keefe and Gene Wood, and the folk-singing Halifax III also appear.

Oct 5, 1963 - Lester's guests are Michele Lee, Canadian singer Tommy Ambrose, TV raconteur-humorist Peter Donald and the Buffalo Bills, barbershop quartet.

Oct 12, 1963 - Joining Jerry this week will be singing comedienne Marion Powers, recording star Richard Hayes, jazz trumpeter Don Goldie, writer-actor Gene Wood, and Louise Bryan. Miss Powers will sing The Birth of The Blues, accompanied by Goldie's trumpet, and will take part in one of Lester's funniest skits - birdwatching. In the skit, Lester plays a bashful bird-watcher and Hayes appears as Miss Powers' jealous husband.

Oct 19, 1963 - Canadian flutist Moe Kaufman, screen star Monique Van Vooren, comedian-dancer Lou Wills Jr., singer Richard Hayes, and comedian Gene Wood will be Lester's guests. Kaufman plays "Swingin' Shepherd Blues."

Nov 16, 1963 - Guests include Fran Warren, Rene Taylor, Paul Dooley and Bobby Vinton.

Nov 30, 1963 - Tonight's guests will be singer Pat Suzuki, singer-dancer Steve Condos. comedian Will Jordan, and author Don Appell.

Dec 7, 1963 - Movie star and folk singer Brock Peters heads Lester's panel of guests. Others are Carol Noble, Helene Gale and comedienne Marion Powers.

Dec 14, 1963 - Lester's guests will include the Park Avenue Hillbilly, Dorothy Shay, the Ink Spots, and comedians Gene Wood and Dick Roman.

Dec 21, 1963 - Singing star Louise O'Brian, comedians Phil Foster and Jerry Holmes, and jazz organist Joe Mooney are Jerry's guests.

Jan 4, 1964 - Guests include Peter Donald, Richard Hayes, Allyn Ann McLerie, and Stan Fisher.

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