Episode Guide - Jake and the Kid (Series) (1961-1963)

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Jake and the Kid
Jul 4, 1961 - "The Day Jake Made Her Rain."

Jul 18, 1961 - "Auction Fever." Peter Botten who competes with the Kid for a colt. With Fred Diehl as Peter Botten.

Jul 25, 1961 - "You Gotta Teeter."

Aug 1, 1961 - "Don't Scratch That Baby." The mothers of Crocus gang up on Jake, reluctant judge of the baby contest at the Crocus Fair, Bull Show and Rodeo. But Jake, with the help of Miss Henchbaw, has the last word. Cast: Murray Westgate as Jake; Rex Hagon as The Kid; Frances Tobias as Ma; Margot Christie as Miss Henchbaw; Alan Watonabc as Johnny Swifteagle; Gertrude Bradley as Mrs. Watson; Peg Dixon as Mrs. Bedford; Iris Haynes as Mrs. Tait; Sandra Scott as Mrs. Moore; Alexander Webster as Doc Fotheringham; Robert Christie as McTaggart.

Aug 8, 1961 - "Struck Rich." Ma and the ladies of the Burning Bush Circle are taken aback when their star "charity case," Lucy Candy and her seven children, find their fortune in oil. To their chagrin, Lucy starts practising charity on them. Cast: Murray Westgate as Jake; Rex Hagon as The Kid; Frances Tobias as Ma; Barbara Hamilton as Lucy Candy; Amelia Hall as Elsie Abercrombie; Jan Chamberlain as Aunt Lil; Beth Lockerbie as Bettie Fotheringham; Alexander Webster as Doc Fotheringham; Vernon Chapman as Reporter; Robert Christie as McTaggart; Tom Harvey as Homer.

Aug 15, 1961 - "Adults Is Human." Jake becomes embroiled in school board politics after The Kid writes an essay that unhappily causes the dismissal of his teacher. Guest - James Doohan.

Aug 22, 1961 - "Mind Over Madam." Jake regrets his suspicions when an itinerant hypnotist - The Great Doctor Suhze - comes to Crocus and uses Aunt Lil Bogart for a demonstration in MacTaggarts' store window. Guest - Gillie Fenwick.

Aug 29, 1961 - "Liar Hunter." Guests - Sharon Acker, Ron Hartmann, Alex McKee.

Sep 5, 1961 - "Prairie Lawyer." A reporter mixes up a wedding and a moose hunt in the local newspaper. Guests - Hugh Webster, Drew Thompson.

Sep 12, 1961 - "Love's Wild Magic." Old Man Gatenby is almost talked into his grave by. Crocus' "angel of mercy," Violet Brown - who gets her "spiritual strength" from romance magazines.

Sep 19, 1961 - "King Of All The Country." Jake and The Kid want to go hunting but Ma puts her foot down when she hears Jake promise The Kid his first gun.

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