Jackpot (Series) (1985-1988)

Jackpot! was revived on September 30, 1985. This version was taped in Toronto, Canada, and was hosted by Mike Darrow.

The main game remained the same, with a few new changes. For one thing, the 'Expert' was now called the 'King/Queen of the Hill.' Among other new factors, a player could 'run the board' by answering all 15 riddles correctly; if so, he/she won a new car. A 'Bonus Prize' riddle was often included in the game; if the player solved it, he/she would win a prize. There was a 'Return Trip' riddle, where a correct answer would enable the player to come back the following week. Also, a player who answered the most riddles during a 10-week period won an additional $10,000; and a player would get a $1000 bonus if he/she went through the board without hitting a 'Jackpot Riddle' until last.

Mike Darrow....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): Global

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