Jack: A Flash Fantasy (Special) (1974)

Jack: A Flash Fantasy
Jack: A Flash Fantasy was a rock opera produced by the CBC. Jack dealt with a deck of cards, with lots of Jacks (and Jills). Jack was the jack of hearts (with a full, trusting heart), Jill (Gilda) owned a cow, named moo, "because even though the cow laughed and cried and talked and shouted, it all came out as, MOO!" Jack and Jill are taken advantage of by the Jack of Spades. Different musical styles are portrayed by the different characters.

Jeff Hyslop....Spirit of the Jacks
Laurie Hood....Spirit of the Jills
Victor Garber....Jack of Hearts
Gilda Radner....Jill of Hearts
Jerry Sroka....Jack of Clubs
Valri Bromfield....Jill of Clubs
William Daniel Grey....Jack of Spades
Vera Biloshisky....Jill of Spades
Alan Thicke....Jack of Diamonds
Patricia Gaul....Jill of Diamonds

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byMatt Pak, April 27, 2007
This aired in the United States on PBS as part of "Opera Theater." I'm pretty sure it was the summer of 1977 when it was broadcast because I remember a small blurb about it a People Magazine with C3PO on the cover. I'd love for this to be released on DVD.

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