Jack London's Tales of the Klondike (Miniseries) (1981)

Aka: Tales of the Klondike

William Macadam's Norfolk Communications produced this series of six, one hour dramas based on the stories of Jack London. The tales included The One Thousand Dozen, directed by Peter Rowe and starring Neil Munro; In A Far Country, with Scott Hylands and Robert Carradine; Scorn of Women, starring Eva Gabor; The Unexpected, with John Candy and Cherie Lunghi; Finis; and The Race For Number One. Orson Welles narrated the stories.

John Candy
Robert Carradine .... Percy Cuthfert III
Eva Gabor
Scott Hylands .... Carter Weatherbee
Cherie Lunghi
Neil Munro
Orson Welles .... Narrator (voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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