It's Our Stuff (Series) (1969)

The Good Company — a group of young singers and dancers who also participated in show production — starred in this follow-up to their self-titled series from the previous summer with a fresh format and many new faces. The "new" Good Company did their "stuff" with songs, dances, comedy sketches and, sometimes, their own original compositions.

Producer/Director: Dave Thomas.
Choreographers: Judi Richard and Malcolm Gale.
Senior Writer: Mark Shekter.
Staff Writers: Bob Ezrin, Rick Sanders, Cliff Jones and Maribeth Solomon.
Musical Director: Jim Pirie.

Vera Biloshisky .... Regular
Alan Thicke .... Regular
Pat Coulter .... Regular
Dee Higgins .... Regular
Bill McKeown .... Regular
Brian Russell .... Regular
Vera Biloshisky .... Regular
Sandy Crawley .... Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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