It's Happening (Series) (1966-1969)

It's Happening
It's Happening was a new version of CTV's successful A Go Go '66 program featuring Robbie Lane and his Disciples and the It’s Happening Dancers. Toronto DJ Jay Nelson was the announcer. Many Canadian recording artists appeared as guests on the show. In 1968 the Disciples were replaced by The Carnival.

Robbie Lane ... Host
Jay Nelson .... Announcer

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user lorrainesleenlitke, December 15, 2014
Is this the show where they sang and spelled the words happening
One of the bright spots of Friday evening for me on a Friday night was watching "It's Happening" also known as A Go GO '66 on the CTV network. Robbie Lane was fun, but I really liked the Motown like girl group, Gigi and the Charmaines. For some reason I thought they were from Toronto, but it appears they were American and from Cincinatti. They usually did a Supremes/Vandellas/Marvelettes cover and an original tune.
Great fun. The show was pretty good for the time and I remember a few guest appearances from Motown Records greats Jimmy Ruffin and Martha Reeves! I see that the Charmaines have a CD released in England. Oh, for the innocence of those days and in B&W as well! R. Mark Desjardins

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