Irish Coffee (Series) (1969-1970)

The CBC gathered a group of articulate CBC types, sat them around a table and fed them at a restaurant called Julie's on Jarvis Street in Toronto, right across from the CBC, and let them sit around and talk with each other while the videotape rolled, and made a CBC television show called Irish Coffee. Whether the idea for this show arose out of similar discussions at the Four Seasons bar, also across the road from the CBC, or from the CBC types' growing antipathy for the food served in the CBC cafeteria, no one knows for sure. Duties as the party's and the show's host rotated among Paul Soles, Bill Walker, Fred Davis, and Paul Kligman. Their guests included Toronto media types such as David Cobb, Ben Wicks, Alexander Ross, Peter Worthington, Ray Sonin, Andrew Allan, and Anna Cameron.

Fred Davis....Host
Paul Kligman....Host
Paul Soles....Host
Bill Walker....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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