International Law (Series) (1961)

International Law was a study of the maintenance of law among sovereign nations, in layman's terms, in a six-week series on CBC-TV on Sunday afternoons. Each program asked basic questions: Has international law real force or is it merely a convenient convention which can be ignored? Each program considered a specific example of conflict in international law. Those who took part in the series included members of the faculties of international law at Columbia, Harvard, McGill and Montreal universities; Judge John Read, formerly Canadian representative on the International Court of Justice; Maj.-Gen. Guy Simonds, and Dr. Norman MacKenzie, president of the University of British Columbia.

Judge John Read .... Panelist
Major-General Guy Simonds .... Panelist
Wolfgang Friedman .... Panelist
John Hazard .... Panelist
R. St. John Macdonald .... Panelist
Maxwell Cohen .... Panelist
Yves Morin .... Panelist
Dean Curtis .... Panelist
Norman MacKenzie .... Panelist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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