Inside the Vatican (Miniseries) (1993)

Inside the Vatican
In this six-part series, Sir Peter Ustinov explores the little-known facts and illustrious history of the Vatican. In each one-hour episode, Ustinov examines the priceless treasures, masterpieces of art, legendary historical figures and controversial intrigues that have come to define the Vatican's legacy. Explore the rich stories that surround the Vatican from Michelangelo's famous relationship with the warrior Pope Julius II to Galileo's conflict with the Inquisition.

Peter Ustinov .... Host
Flavio Bucci .... Girolamo Savonarola
Charles Burns .... Himself
Carlo Croccolo .... Pope Gregory I
Franco Diogene .... Cardinal Gaspari
Jacques Godin .... Charlemagne
Remo Remotti .... Pope Julius II
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